5 Best Shopping Tricks to Save Money Online

Best Shopping Tricks to Save Money Online

Online shopping continues to take center stage as people enjoy the convenience of buying items at the touch of a button. Online retailers are using strategies to score big with buyers. However, you can become a smart shopper using the tips and tricks below to help you save money and score big yourself.

1Price Comparison

The convenience of shopping online enables you to visit various online retailer sites and compare prices of the items. It will act as an eye opener as you will discover cheaper stores selling the same item you want. So whether you are buying a phone for your girlfriend for her birthday or television, don’t be in a hurry to purchase from the first store you visit. Make use of google shopping to check out other stores selling the same item you desire.

2Use Social Media

Another shopping trick that may seem insignificant but works is connecting with retailers via social networks. Other than registering on their store platform, also like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.  Retailers reward shopper loyalty with offers and discounts on individual items. Additionally, you can chat them and get them to give you amazing discounts.

3Combine Coupons and Promo Codes

Hunting for coupons and promo codes will save you money. However, combining multiple coupons and using them strategically will save you, even more, money. Some merchants allow combining of different coupons and promo codes when checking out. For instance, if your shopping amounts to $100 and you have 20% discount promo code and a $10 coupon, combine them to purchase the items at $70. You have just saved $30. Alternatively, sign up for the newsletters using multiple email addresses to score big on the one-time coupon codes. Multiple email addresses will increase your chances of saving some bucks. You can also use apps which automatically apply coupons and get discounts on brands like Macy’s and many others.

4Subscribe to Newsletters

Retailers are usually keen to add you to their mailing list, and most of them will prompt you to subscribe to their newsletters within the first 10 seconds of browsing their website. If prompted, sign up. The newsletters will help you to save money by getting incredible deals and offers on items on sale. In case you are worried about your email filling with spam, just create a secondary email to manage them. Sign up for as many newsletters as you can find. The newsletters alert you on deals of up to 25% off an item and or free delivery.  In case deals are not available, newsletter still keeps you in the loop for online store events, discounts and other offers that would go a long way in saving you some money.

5Take a Step Back

Lastly, before purchasing your items, leave the cart check. Take a break, like a day or two before logging back to finish shopping. The break will give you some time to think and help you decide whether you need the items or it was just impulse shopping. With that, you save money by forgoing shopping for items that you do not need.

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