If you are having problems with your love-life and your libido is not what it once was, Spanish Fly products can help you fix your problem. To be honest, I was having the same problem and decided to take action and improve my quality of life. I have stumbled upon many Spanish Fly products and I have taken a few of them to know what’s best for me and everyone else

Here’s a quick review of five Spanish Fly products I tried.

I hope this can help you fix your problems as some products here did with mine.

My Pick #1 – Spanish Fly Pro


When I found Spanish Fly Pro, I was hesitant to keep trying. I had already tried other supplements that I will write about on this list. And most of them was not good.

Honestly, my libido was nearly gone and my sex life was close to nonexistent. My husband realized this as well and he was the one to convince me to try this as a last, desperate shot.

And I am so thankful for it.

This is a game-changer. It will improve your bed situation completely. You won’t even recognize yourself after you try this supplement. And the best part is, it is so easy to use!

After I ordered it, the only thing I had to do was put five drops of it on a glass of water (It can go anywhere that isn’t a hot beverage) and drank it.

It didn’t leave me an ugly aftertaste and for the next couple of minutes, I even forgot I had taken it. And when it kicked it? Oh my god.

I couldn’t keep my hands away from my husband.

This thing got me fired up like nothing else.

You use it when you feel you need it. Unlike most products out there, you don’t need to take this every day. This is how powerful it is!

It is also an all-natural supplement. It is made of zinc, caffeine, guarana maca, and other natural ingredients. It has zero harmful chemicals in it.

Spanish Fly Pro gets an A-plus, five stars review from me.

And if you are scared to order it because of the package, the people that will send it to you are completely discreet about it. They won’t put the name on the box.

My Pick #2 – Spanish Fly Love (Love Drops)


After I told a friend of mine about the Spanish Fly Pro, she decided she wanted to give it a shot too. But in a funny mix up she had, she ended up ordering this product instead.

Spanish Fly LOVE is similar to Spanish Fly PRO in almost anything. You take it using drops on a drink, it is an all-natural supplement and it kicks in in 5 to 10 minutes after you drink it.

It was the time to test it!

My friend was happy for trying it and we decided to do a little experiment, we would switch between ourselves, I would take her Spanish Fly LOVE and she would take my Spanish Fly PRO.

I wasn’t too worried about it because Spanish Fly LOVE is also an all-natural supplement.

The only difference was the dosage, with this product I had to use 10 drops instead of my usual 5.


After a week or so of our trial, we got to talking. I told her the truth; it was a great experience but I prefer my Spanish Fly PRO.

She told me the same, my supplement was slightly better than hers.

My verdict is this: Four stars for Spanish Fly LOVE. It is a great product but not the best. But it is a great alternative if you can’t find the best option – Spanish Fly PRO – and still, want to try things out.

My Pick #3 – Provestra


Provestra is a mixed bag if I have to tell the truth.

Unlike Spanish Fly Pro and Spanish Fly Love, Provestra doesn’t come in drops but pills.

And you have to take it daily.

If you forget to take your dosage for a couple of days, everything that you gained so far is gone. And I know this is a personal issue, but I feel that pills are a little more uncomfortable to take than drops.

Does it work?

This product, Provestra, works. I am not going to lie about it.

I also am not going to lie about its little side effects that are not pleasant at all. The pills don’t smell good and they taste downright awful. This would not be an issue at all if you could power through it and forget about it after you swallow.

But the after taste they leave in your mouth is the worst thing of it all.

You might get an improvement in your libido, but you are going to wish that you use mouthwash after you take these pills.

If I had to say I would give it three stars.

If you can, use Spanish Fly PRO or Spanish Fly LOVE. But if you are desperate you might as well use Provestra.

My Pick #4 – Germany Sex Drops


This will be half a review, half a warning. And you better heed my warning when it comes to Germany Sex Drops.

The only good thing about Germany Sex Drops is the packaging. Because everything else doesn’t work.

At first, I thought it was my fault, maybe I wasn’t using this product correctly. But after a week or so, I decided to look upon the internet what was going on.

It’s not all…

And honestly, I found nothing but bad reviews. I felt like I was just drinking water. And I believe Germany Sex Drops could be just water. Because it did nothing for me and did nothing for most people that bought it online.

This one does not work.

Do not buy it.

Spend your money elsewhere if you can.

My Pick #5 – Vigorelle


And this one is even worse than Germany Sex Drops.

While I was doing my research, looking online what should I try, I stumbled upon Vigorelle.

And it’s pretty much a scam.

They are only sold on sketchy websites -as they don’t have one for themselves- and it’s not even listed on Amazon.

They come in pills but I wager you wouldn’t want to take even one if you care about yourself. It’s not even worth it to risk it with Vigorelle, just stay clear of this product.

If you want to improve your sex life, you need to buy Spanish Fly PRO or any other of the products that I have reviewed and proved to work. Trying Vigorelle is not a good idea.

This one doesn’t work and it’s probably dangerous to take.

Just avoid it. Don’t even look it up online, don’t waste your time.

So my final words about Spanish Fly?

Go for Spanish Fly Pro and if you are lucky, grab the 3-bottle pack on sale as I did, haha!

3-bottle pack Spanish Fly


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