Below are the best strategies to get more sales to your store.  Follow these strategies to give more traffic and sales to your store.

Tip #1: Improve Your Website Design

This is the year where visual social media websites like Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat had increased in number of users. And it has also been a year for Live stories and videos.

With this, the audience has become highly visual. They now respond more to visually appealing elements. With this comes the need for a more visually appealing website that appeals to your target market. Aside from colors, it should contain high quality photos and elements that are relevant to the times.

Website Design

Also, the increasing Internet speed has also paved the way for flash websites. This is the reason why users of the Wix Store (a website development platform that creates flash websites) have drastically increased in number. This is definitely a trend that you should look out for.

Tip #2: Promote Through Videos

Aside from visual elements, there also seemed to be a massive response to videos. In fact, video engagement is expected to increase at a faster rate in the upcoming year. More and more people are moving away from Google to search for ideas or products. They are now looking at Youtube instead. Much of this has to do with the dependence of people on their smartphones. It is more comfortable for most people to watch videos than to read text.

So what does this mean to your ecommerce website? This means that you should do more than write written reviews of your products and services. Opt for video reviews instead. More people will view them and they convert better.

Aside from video reviews, you can also use video for product demonstrations. People learn better through video. They want to be able to see how it works than read about it. They want to see the product right before their eyes. This is a good option especially for products that have a steep learning curve. This applies to software and other advanced gadgets.

PRO TIP: Can’t make your own videos? No problem! Youtube have some mini influencers that you can contact. All you need to do is send them some of your products and they will review it for you. Through this, you can have a 3rd party review of your product. The best part? These influencers usually have a good number of followers. If they liked your product, they can encourage their followers to visit your website.

Tip #3: Encourage User Generated Content

Your brand is a product of the value you provide and the perception of your customers. In fact, the perception of your customers have a greater weight on your brand image. Think about it. Will you believe a brand that claims that they are the best? Or will you believe that they are the best if 3 other people claim that they are the best? People tend to believe other people’s reviews more than your own claims. This is because they think that these people don’t have anything to gain from making these reviews and yet they do them.

You can then post the video on your website when it is done. These will serve as video testimonials for your products. If you want to scale up the creation process for user generated content, reach out to social media creators and micro-influencers who can create appealing videos at a fraction of professional production costs. Learn more  ow you can drive ROI from influencer marketing by repurposing the content on your own social media channels and ads.

This is the reason why you should encourage user generated content in your online store. More than reviews, it can also allow your users to create content in other platforms. For example, an online store can allow Instagram pictures below their website. These can show the pictures of all of their happy customers.

In the same way, video reviews can also be encouraged. This is where you encourage your users to review your product on video. You can then post the video on your website when it is done. These will serve as video testimonials for your products.

Tip #4: Implement an Affiliate Program

Another program that you can implement is an affiliate program. This is where you recruit an army of affiliates that can promote your products for you. It works like this. An affiliate signs up into your website and you will give them an affiliate account. From there, your affiliate will have a unique affiliate ID that is appended into your pages as they promote it. For this, you will need an affiliate software that can do this for you. You just need to activate the software in your website and you can now start getting affiliates. The software will automatically assign affiliate IDs into accounts and count the sales as they come in. They will also sort out affiliate payments so that you don’t have to manually compute everything. This will allow you to pay your affiliates all in one go.

Affiliate Program

Why is an affiliate program good for your ecommerce business? Well, it can really help you in terms of promotion. Think about it. Promoting your website by yourself is hard. But if you have other people who can do it for you, promotion becomes easier.

If you are looking to find the best affiliate software then you should check Affiliate App Geeks.  They have gone through and listed the best platform that you should use depending on what platform you are using.  For example, if you are using Shopify there is a specific platform that is good for you.

Tip #5: Reward Loyal Buyers

Similarly, you should also have a loyalty award for your most loyal buyers. Not only will this make your buyers feel more appreciated, it can also encourage them to buy more from you. If done right, this strategy can lead to more sales.

For offline businesses, implementing it can be as simple as giving a physical card with stamps to your customers. But it is different for online business. In online businesses, a point system may be better. This is where you give a point for every item that your customer buys from your shop online. Over time, these points can accumulate and they can use it to get a discount or buy an item from your shop.

A loyalty or rewards program adds another layer of excitement for your customers. Instead of just buying, they know that they will be rewarded as long as they continue doing what they are doing. It is a great way to reinforce the behavior and get more sales from one customer.

Tip #6: Ship Items for Free

Shipping is the most common reason for cart abandonment. This is where the customer has added the item to his cart and clicked on buy only to see that there is a hefty shipping fee that he has to pay on top of what he has bought. This is where most customers click back and just forget about buying.

Fortunately, there’s a workaround to this problem. The answer is free shipping.

But does this mean that you will shoulder the shipping fee for your buyer? Not really. You can just adjust the prices. From here, you may want to ask if this will make your products more expensive than your competitor. The answer is yes. But once they check out and find the shipping fee, they’ll still choose you over them.

The reason lies in psychology. People simply don’t want to pay an extra fee that they didn’t expect. When they click on an item, they considered if they have the budget to buy that item. A shipping fee often throws them off leading them to abandon their cart, never to come back.

So ship items for free, you’ll be surprised on how it can improve your online business in 2018.

Tip #7: Optimize User Experience

Another concept that has just grown this 2017 is user experience or UX. I think that this is essential for ecommerce as it is in software. The reason is because online stores can take a while to be learned. And this is where user experience plays a vital role.

With this, it is important to test not just your website but also the navigation. Test how it feels and if all the links you need can be easily seen and clicked.

Also, don’t forget to test your website on mobile. Over 90% of people now use their mobile phones and tablets to navigate websites. Make sure that your ecommerce template is responsive. Else, your customers will end up leaving your website for something easier to navigate.

Tip #8: Have an Amazing After Sales Support Team

No one likes to be left in the dust when they have just spent their money. Think of a friend who is just nice to you when they need something and leaves you all of a sudden once you give in. Not a good feeling, right? That’s how your customer will feel if you leave them in the dust after they buy from you. Yet, it is surprising that there are still some business owners who still do this up to today.


But this will cost you your business in 2018. This year, your customers will have more demands and they will require your support. If you are there for them, they will be loyal to you. But if you fail to be there for you when they need you the most, they will look elsewhere. And that’s not all. You can expect them to express themselves in social media as well.

With this, a trained after sales support team is always a must. You need to have a team that can easily talk to your customers when they need help. Have a chat support available. And if you can activate support tickets and email support as well.

Tip #9: Engage in Influencer Marketing

2018 is the year where the old world of SEO doesn’t work anymore. Gone are the days where you optimize your website with keyword stuffing or submit your website to a thousand directories in order to rank higher on the search engines. Today, you need more than that. You need authentic reviews of other websites that authentically claim that you know what you are talking about.

This is where influencers come in. In today’s SEO world, they hold the most power in your search engine rankings. If you can get enough influencers to mention you in a niche, you can easily see yourself zoom past your competitors. Such is the power of influencer marketing. So don’t forget to use it in the upcoming year. Using it is easy. Just search for your niche on Google and you’ll easily find a list of influencers in your niche. Next, you should contact them with valuable content. Of course, you need to give something in order to get in return. Be sure to give them a content that will resonate with the needs of their target market. It will be tough but it will be worth it.


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