You’ll have plenty of options when you’re searching for text to speech software, but we want to make sure you make the best choice possible.

1. Notevibes


  • Speech Synthesis Markup Language
  • 47 Natural Voices
  • Pitch and Voice Tuning
  • Broadcast for Business
  • Read Text Aloud

Overview: is an online TTS software that’s suited for readers with dyslexia to professional bloggers. It has over 47 premium voices available, making it easy to translate your text into your native language.

One feature that’s noticeable is its IVR voice generator. It allows you to use your IVR system with realistic voices. This makes it easier to produce a natural sound for your text, which helps users enhance their reading comprehension.

Why should you use Notevibes? It’s versatile enough to be used for learning, music, and broadcasting. In fact, musicians make mp3 samples for their next tracks. Thus, think about getting this software if you want to read more efficiently!

2. Naturaltts


  • Files History
  • 47+ Realistic Natural-Sounding Voices
  • SSML advanced editor
  • Free Subscription Plan available
  • Fast Convertion speed

Overview: is one of the best text to speech online converter that gives users an opportunity to convert any type of text in realistic human-like speech. 

As well as the previous service, Naturaltts has an IVR voice generator feature. It’s become handy for those who create online call-centers. With this service, you can produce automatic natural-sounding speech.

So why Naturaltts is a great choice? It is very fast, allows you to convert a huge amount of text, and also Naturaltts is able to store your files in your own dashboard, so you can always keep your converted audio files by hand.

3. NaturalReader

This program, which comes as a Google Chrome browser extension, allows you to receive unlimited dictation for free, provided you’re okay with only hearing their free voice set. If you’re not, the premium plan is still less than $10 per month.

You can upload files to be dictated, as well as having web pages read out, and you can hear them in one of eight different languages. Learn more about it here.

4. Balabolka

This service only comes in a free version and is known for being conveniently lightweight, although that’s due to it only utilizing voices you already have downloaded. If you have top of the line vocals, that’s what you’ll get, and vice versa if you go the cheaper route.

It’s what you make of it, and it gets the job done as well as any other. Learn more here.

5. Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader

Offering both free & premium versions (the latter having AT&T Natural Voices), this platform allows you to add whatever voice you want, along with offering some with the free package. It’ll also dictate whatever text you highlight & copy, and you can save the audio for future listening.

Find additional info here.

6. iSpeech

This platform is mainly targeted towards business, and they’re well known for offering a diverse set of payment plans, which are determined by the volume of content you think you’ll have to work with. They also offer a speech to text program, which is uncommon with these software.

If that interests you, visit their website.

7. Amazon Polly

Amazon’s text to speech offering maintains the standard of quality they’ve set with their many other products. A strong selection of languages is available, and they’re spoken in noticeably natural voices with the help of the SSML markup language.

The free plan comes with 5 million characters per month for 12 months, and it’s $4 per million from there. Find out more here.

8. Voice Dream

Easily one of the most well-equipped apps in this industry, you can have text spoken out in 30 different languages & 186 different voices with this software.

It’s $14.99 if you’re using an Apple device, but Android users will only have to pay $7.99, although this doesn’t include in-app purchases you might end up making later on. See it here.

9. Capti Voice

Educators & auditory learners will want to take special note of this software, which offers an easy-to-use platform that’s equipped with 20 languages and cloud storage connection capabilities.

A free version is available for personal use, and the premium version is just under $18 yearly & $1.49 per month, with the Educator tier costing $0.50 per student user per year. Learn more about it here.

10. Acapela Virtual Speaker

They provide the most reputable voices in the industry, so why wouldn’t they create software to use them with? This is only recommended if you’re running a sizeable business or a classroom with a healthy budget since the first five hours costs 1,500 euros.

For that price, though, you’ll receive the best product out there. Learn more here.

11. TextAloud

This service is exclusive to Windows users, along with those running iOS on their phones, and it allows you to upload anything from PDFs to documents & web pages to be dictated. It’s not the best sounding out of this whole bunch, but it definitely gets the job done.

If you’re considering the purchase, check it out here.

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