Yes, there are a lot of terrible things about having to move from one home to another. You have to pack everything up. You have to adjust your habits as far as traveling goes. Maybe you have to get a new job, or perhaps you have to drive further to get there after you move. All kinds of things can go wrong. Maybe your financial situation will even get worse because of the move. But for all of these awful things, you can also look at the silver lining in many cases!

Take some examples of the good aspects of moving your residence. First of all, there is the newness factor of a home that you are just moving into. Also, you can meet new people in the area surrounding your new house. You can use moving as an excuse to get rid of old and unnecessary stuff. And, with a new home, and a new area, there are plenty of opportunities for new activities that you might not have explored otherwise.

The Newness of a Home

When you begin looking for a new home, there can be an excitement attached to this feeling. There is the first time you go through the front door. There is the first time you cook a meal in the kitchen. There is the first time that you sleep in a bedroom. These are exciting events, and ones that can be appreciated fully by every member of a family. Maybe these concepts aren’t necessarily creating a better environment than there was before, but the “new” factor does come into play.

Meeting People in a New Area

When you move to a new area, you have to figure out how to meet new people. For some folks, this can cause a lot of social anxiety. For other people, it’s the best thing about moving! Depending on your comfort level, you may want to knock on your nearest neighbor’s doors, or maybe you want to go to a local park to see who is gathering there. You can do some research online find out if there are any groups that you can meet with as well to find a new social group.

Getting Rid of Old and Unnecessary Stuff

Potentially one of the best things about moving is that you get to use it as an excuse to get rid of all your old and unnecessary stuff. If you have been holding onto or hoarding any items that would be better in the trash or donated or sold, this is the best time in your life to do it. You don’t want to bring all of this old junk with you into your new environment.

Opportunities for New Activities

Finally, along with the stresses of moving, you do get to enjoy the fact that there will be new activities surrounding your new home. If you move toward a city, there will be new restaurants and events to attend. If you move toward the country, perhaps you can spend more time walking around, or maybe taking photos of nature around you. You might have to be creative, but the options can be endless.


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