Have you been looking forward to the Christmas break, but feeling a little anxious at the idea of having guests over? Are you finding it difficult to provide an Instagram worthy room for your in-laws to dwell in? Rather than make an expensive trip to IKEA for a total make-over it may be worthwhile renting a small storage unit over the holiday break. Here are 5 great things about investing in a small storage unit over Christmas:

1. You can store all of your prized personal possessions as well as some other items that you have laying around the place that may look unorganized to the untrained eye. You will then be able to maintain a more minimalist look over the holiday break without the stress of having anyone go through your personal treasures, or judging any of the more messier parts of your home.

2. Storage providers such as Rent A Space have plenty of convenient storage locations to store your things in with 365 day access available, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to quickly dash out to grab anything you have put away. Storage premises also have CCTV footage so you can rest assured that your possessions are being looked after.

3. You can have entire rooms cleared out to make room for makeshift beds to house as many people as you can. This is particularly handy if you have a lot of visitors travelling a long way to come see you. You may even need to store some gym equipment for a short period of time while you hit holiday mode.

4. Storage units can also be used to temporarily store Christmas gifts in before the big day rolls around. This can be especially handy when you not only have curious children about the place, but also nosy pets that like to seek out new treasures to chew on. Have all temptation avoided by storing your pressies right up until Christmas eve. You can also use the privacy of your unit to actually wrap your presents. This can often be a tricky task when the people you have bought for are in the next room and could bust in at any moment!

5. The cherry on top of this proposition? You can find storage providers that also provide a free truck and driver for your convenience when you move in! If a more relaxed, stress-free Christmas appeals to you, it will be worth your time grabbing a quick quote for some local storage now!

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