There are hardly any people who do not like to travel and tour around the world. Some do it abundantly while others dream of doing it someday in their lives. The travel and tour love is what makes a person happy and adds to the general knowledge as well. There are hundreds of benefits that you can get from traveling but that’s not the point right now.

The major thing to understand is that when you travel, make it worth it and enjoy to the fullest. Making the best out of your tour requires you to know exactly what can be and should be done while you are in a new place. Therefore, before you pack, you should have a look at the things to do so that you do not miss anything special on the way.

Talking specifically about your tour to Jamaica, and when it is for the first time as well, making it worth it is really important as there are so many things to do in Jamaica that you don’t want to miss a single one of them. However, how many places you can visit depends solely on your budget and the length of your tour.

Here we have gathered the top things that one must not miss while they are in Jamaica and we have made a list of them according to priority. Wherever you go, make sure you cover the first few things up for sure. So let us get started with the 5 best things to do in Jamaica. Remember if you do not have a very loose budget for your trip, you can look around the web to find cost-effective and light to pocket options for stay, travel and dine while you are in Jamaica.

1. Jamaica Sangster Airport Lounge Access and Fast-Track Lines

This is the pass that you can purchase easily at the time of arrival and departure both. You can then avail the facility of the Club Mobay. It is a brilliant blend of the continental and Jamaican special snacks and drinks. You can jazz on, enjoy, relax and sip on your favorite fresh fruit drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and the cup of coffee or tea.

1. Jamaica Dunn’s River Falls Snorkel Cruise with Music, Open Bar

No matter which hotel you are staying in, you can get the pickup to the beach easily where you will meet the captain of your boat and the rest of the crew. The cruise is filled with the open bar and cuisine, where you can get indulged into the Jamaican traditional food, while you get to enjoy the corals and reefs under water. You can also keep enjoying the look at the fish so your eyes can cherish and your mouth can splendor.

3. Blue Hole, Secret Falls and Dunn’s River Falls Combo Tour

If some spirit of adventure is rising in you, you can take a combined tour to the Secret Falls and the Dunn River Falls. It would be a full 10 hours day tour that would involve some hike with the group and refreshing and relaxing moments at the falls. You can also enjoy having some traditional and seafood items at the hotels in the area and enjoy the perks of a happy hour in the company of other people or family.

4. Luminous Lagoon Night Cruise in Jamaica

If you are looking forward to a romantic night in the Luminous Lagoon of Jamaica then the choice of the Night Cruise with your beloved one is going to be the best little adventure. All you have to do is to get a lovely little boat and start your journey in it in the lagoon. The moonlit path and every other thing around, absorbed in the cool moonlight is what you can ever dream of. Take your boat slowly to the middle of the lagoon and enjoy sipping your favorite drink.

5. Zipline, Tubing and ATV Safari Adventure from Montego Bay

If you are living somewhere near Montego Bay then you have a lot of chance to enjoy a lot of resorts and places. One of these is the adventure to the Zipline and Tubing which is a 5-hour tour from the Montego Bay. Once you have enjoyed shopping at the Bay, you can spare a whole day for this fun. Here you can enjoy the Zipline and tubing tour of the Safari where you get to see the natural life in the cozy sunny day.

These are the five top locations that we have selected for you to visit for a must when you visit Jamaica. Either you are a first timer there or you have already been there, you are for sure going to enjoy the tour to these places.

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