Best Things To Do In Washington DC


As the Capitol of the United States, Washington DC overflows with history, grand monuments, and tourist from around the world. There is no such thing as off-season when it comes to DC tourism, although the crowds are not as dense if there is no major event happening. It’s best to schedule your time well to see the items highest on your personal list because there’s so much to see you can easily get side tracked.

5Walk the Mall

Washington DC Walk the Mall

The National Mall – the stretch of land between the Capitol building and the Washington Monument – is often referred to as the nation’s back yard. It flows beyond the White House to include the WWII Memorial, the MLK Jr. Memorial, and the FDR Memorial. Walk around the tidal basin in the spring when the cherry blossom trees are in bloom. Stroll around the expansive grounds of the Washington Memorial, or spend an afternoon at the reflecting pool near the Lincoln and Korean War Memorials.

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