Best Tips for Online Shopping


Online shopping is the new trending way for getting your desired products. However, some people are a bit afraid of online shopping. Recently I bought a very beautiful dress about which I heard through my friend. Below is the pictures of the dress and you can click the link here. This Zapaka lace dresses are of high quality even though I bought them online. You can also try such shops for convenience.

Teenagers and women are found to be more interested in online shopping than the conventional shopping. This is because of the various benefits of online shopping. Firstly, You do not need to go out or spend extra time for travelling. Secondly, if the vendors are trustworthy then it can be a lottery for you.

Although online shopping is for easing customers, there are still a lot of apprehensions. Firstly, most of the fraud businesses are running because of online shopping . People will show you some very nice looking and appealing stuff in pictures and videos but the received articles will not be of the same quality. FBI in 2016 reportedly told various media organizations that number one cybercrimes are related to online shopping.

According to my personal observation, through opening a number of online shops simultaneously you can compare the prices and articles more clear. In this article, I will try to explain what advice you need to follow while doing online shopping. If you have not tried online shopping yet because you feel that it is risky, then keep on reading and staying ready for spending some money online.

1.    Check on some known websites

Now, the question is if you are new to online shopping then which online shops are familiar to you. You can ask your friends and family about their experiences. Their reviews can help you decide which shop is best for you. Also, you can check on google. As far as I am concerned, these are reliable brands: Morilee, Unique-vintage, Zapaka and Modcloth.

Picture Source: Zapakaboutique

2.    Check the lock

If you are trying to buy something online then check if the website is encrypted. In many cases when the websites are not secured, hackers will extract your credit card data and all your money will be lost. You can easily check this by reading the url of the website. if it is started by http then you can pay online.

3.    Do not use someone’s else laptop

You must not use some other laptops or mobile phones for entering your credit card data. This does not mean that you will have to think that the other person is not credible it is simply the liability of data leakage. You never know whose phone is not secured. That is when people are most likely to fall for the trap. Many times you will use your online shopping account on somebody’s else PC and the second day you will receive messages about your money withdrawal. All such mishaps are linked with the leaked data. Even if you are using your laptop make sure that it is free of any kind of virus of malware.

4.    Select some strong password

While making your online account for getting news letters or promotions make sure that you have selcted some strong passwords. Similarly, try to have a strong password for your gmail and other email accounts.

5.    Use some applications instead of card

You ought not to pay through your debit card. You can simply make an account on various phone banks.

You can pay through those banks. It is highly recommended because in phone banks people do not have extra money, even if they get hacked it will not be as risky as a bank being hacked by some fraudsters.

6.    Do not be ashamed of complaining

You must complain about everything. Even about late delivery. You must not feel ashamed. Once you will complain then if in case you get into trouble, you can easily provide evidence of you being an active  buyer.

7.    Check the reviews

Before you buy through different online shops. Make sure that you have read the testimonials. Most of us will think that they are not authentic but I believe that almost 30 percent of the testimonials and reviews are real and authentic. Especially, if there are some real photos from customers, then it’s more credible.

These were the few tips which everyone must follow while buying some online products. In case you do not understand the processes you can try by making a fake account first.


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