If you are an automobile owner, you must have encountered a dead battery issue. And if you haven’t, there are high chances that you might one day. Battery matters are one of the most common difficulties for a car that won’t ignite. Battery charging is easy if you understand it well but can be dangerous at the same time. So, the next time you have to load your battery yourself, have the following tips in mind before going for it.

Reasons for charging a battery

Before executing any task, ask yourself why? And similarly, question the purpose you would have to replenish your battery. Any motor in the world works with energy, which makes the engine function. A battery replenishes the energy in most vehicular engines. And the batteries are designed in a way that it energizes while you are running the car.

But sometimes when it is turned off from a few days or light has remained turned on when the automobile is parked the battery drains. And also sometimes even after the car is running, the battery doesn’t charge itself. This situation may occur due to a faulty battery for which you might have to replace the battery.

Jumpstart a car battery

One of the methods of charging an automobile battery is giving it a jumpstart. Use this method when you want the initial start of the automobile when the battery drains entirely. You will get your head start, and then the motor will energize the battery itself when you turn on the ignition. Do not apply this method when the battery is faulty and necessitates a replacement. You require some jumper cords and a donor battery either in an automobile or not to transfer the energy. A jump start may be necessary from a passerby or a paid service if you get stuck on the side of the road.

In case you want to jumpstart the automobile, follow these tips carefully:

  • Make sure all the accessories and lights are switched off.
  • Eliminate the negative or ground cable first and unite with the black cable
  • Wipe the battery ends with a cleaning brush and a water-baking soda mixture
  • Wear eye protection and mask
  • Don’t touch your face until you have washed your hands
  • Change the front and rear differential fluid which you can find on Bestfordriver, it is a specialized website with good tips for drivers
  • Eliminate the caps on your battery and fill distilled water if they are empty half or full
  • Hook your inert battery up to a charged battery carefully using jumper cords

Car chargers

Another approach to energize your battery entirely is using vehicle chargers. Unlike, jumpstart here the car charges fully and works for a prolonged time even if the battery doesn’t replenish itself. This method eliminates the requirement for any other battery. You need a car charger to fill the car battery directly.

Obey the following tips in mind, before charging your automobile using a car charger:

  • Disconnect your battery and discharge it
  • Wipe the battery ends with a cleaning brush and a water-baking soda mixture
  • Attach the black cord with -ve end with black cord and +ve end with the red wire
  • Eliminate the cords when the battery is 100% replenished
  • When you disengage the wires evaluate the voltage of the car using a voltage meter
  • Wear eye protection and mask
  • Don’t touch your face until you have washed your hands
  • Eliminate the lids on your battery and add distilled water if they are empty half or full.


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