Best Tips To Reduce Your Home Heating Bill In The Winter

Best Tips to reduce your home heating bill in the winter

As winter arrives and electricity bills rise, families search for cheaper ways to heat their homes. Central or portable heating devices can be a great burden on many family budgets.

Why did the bill go up?

The Russian war on Ukraine has had a domino effect that has disrupted global energy markets and led to the biggest crude oil price hike in recent history.

Currently, data from the World Bank shows that there is a significant rise in energy prices this year. Although it began affecting industries and economies back in winter, the effects have been directly observed through energy commodity prices.

The electricity crisis in 2022 is anticipated to be just as severe as the oil price shock. This is because future regional electricity contracts for late 2022 and 2023 have increased significantly during the past months. In fact, some futures contracts have recorded record highs, jumping by about 40% during last March and April. This warning of further increases in electricity bills comes at a particularly difficult time, with winter fast approaching.

Ways to save money

There are a number of ways to heat your house during the winter months without skyrocketing your electricity bill, including:

Close the doors of unused rooms

Closing doors to unused rooms is an effective way to keep heat in the house. For example, if the family prefers to sit in the living room, they can close all other doors and bathroom doors. This will ensure that all the heat pumped into the house stays in the preferred area.

Air leakage control

According to Ecowatch, a well-sealed house requires less energy to heat as outside air seeping in can lower the internal temperature. Central heating systems work harder–and use more electricity–to counteract the cold weather coming through cracks and holes in walls, ceilings, windows, and doorsills. Inspect your home regularly for gaps that might be letting warm air out or cold drafts in.

Use curtains

A home loses heat escape through windows, however that can be restricted by the proper use of window coverings such as blinds or curtains. By opening them during the day to let sun in, and then closing them at night when it is cold outside helps maintain indoor temperatures and makes your home more energy-efficient.

Warm clothes

Instead of racking up a higher energy bill by constantly adjusting the thermostat, get some winter clothes that will actually keep you warm. According to Moneyunder30, additional layers, jackets and some warm socks can also be worn indoors. You can also place blankets around the house on sofas and chairs at night when it tends to be colder in your home.

Running ceiling fans

It may sound odd, but flipping on a ceiling fan can actually make a room warmer. This only occurs when the ceiling fan isadjusted properly.

As Ecowatch explains, you should set the blades to rotate clockwise rather than counterclockwise; this is generally not how people adjust them for cooling purposes.

The switch to change the movement of your ceiling fan’s blades is likely located on the motor housing or under the motor itself.

Warm air rises to the ceiling, and when the fan is spinning in the right direction, it will push this heat down.

Close the hood

Unwanted odors and smoke can easily be dispersed by using a kitchen or bathroom hood, however it is important to close the hood immediately so that cold air does not enter the home.

Move furniture away from windows and openings

Moving your furniture away from windows or ventilation holes on cold winter days can actually help keep you warm, according to This old house. By doing this, you won’t be in the direct path of cold air.

Cooking or baking

When you’re cooking or baking, did you know that you can also use it to heat your home? As the steam rises, it will raise the temperature in your kitchen which then gets transmitted throughout the rest of your house. And after you’re done baking, leaving the oven door open will allow all that excess heat to transfer into other rooms as well!

Winter electricity bills can be expensive, but there are ways to save money. By following these tips, you can stay warm and save money this winter. let us know how these tips work out for you!