While smartphones, computers, and robotic hoovers are usual things in our everyday lives, modern gardening tools are still not very common. While the majority of households are still reliant on their traditional gardening tools and equipment like those walk behind trimmers that you can find on https://www.findstringtrimmers.com/walk-behind-trimmers Modern gardening tools are considered as a luxury to most people. However, field tests prove that some of them are incredibly effective. This year Bumpercroptimes.com team has tested 5 high-tech gardening devices, and here are the outcomes. 

1. Resource-saving Watering System

Water is a precious resource, so saving it means caring about the planet and your wallet at the same time. Our favorite water-saving watering device is a traveling water sprinkler. If you already know what it is, check out our traveling sprinkler reviews. Traveling sprinklers are portable water-powered devices that start moving when you turn a faucet. Water pressure makes the blades within the sprinkler move and turn both wheels and rotating spray arms.

2. Robotic Movers

A robotic mover is an ultimate time-saver for your garden and works similarly to the automatic home hoover. You can connect the mover to your smartphone or Amazon Alexa speaker via WiFi, upload the map of your garden, choose the cutting preferences, and just let the robot do moving for you. When the work is done, the mover returns back to the station to dispose of clippings and recharge. Robotic movers by Husquarna are already used by many companies and private gardeners in the US and Europe.

3. Wireless Power Barrow

If you want to create a beautiful garden on an empty piece of land, you won’t succeed without a barrow. Old barrows are cheap but very heavy and dangerous for your back. Fortunately, Wireless Power Barrows solve this problem by taking all the load off your back. Most models can carry up to 100kg and work from 20 to 60 minutes on one full charge. Power barrows have 2 forward speeds, reverse drive, and an automatic unloading lever. Using this device, you will implement your garden design much faster and save your back from compression damage.

4. Wireless Hedge Trimmers

Cord hedge trimmers are very affordable, but the cable length of most models is too short for large gardens and requires extension cords. Cable management is an annoying and time-taking process! Fortunately, you can avoid these difficulties using a wireless battery-powered hedge trimmer. Unlike petrol trimmers, it will save you money on fuel, preserving the same time of autonomous work. It’s an excellent investment for any professional and enthusiast gardener.

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5. Anti-weed Steam Machine

Weeding is one of the hardest tasks, especially if you want to revive a neglected garden. Some people use weed poisons and flamethrowers, but both methods are harmful to the soil. Electric steam weed killers use hot steam instead of fire and poison. Steam destroys the cells of weeds and penetrates the ground to reach the routes.

Choose Technology

As you can see, technological tricks can significantly save your time and health and help you make your garden look perfect. Of course, some of the high-tech tools are just marketing tricks, but with Bumpercroptimes.com reviews, you will learn which tools are really worth your investments. Choose wisely, value your time, and you will succeed!

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