Who doesn’t want to have multiple monitor setup? For sure everyone already has this if not all. Why would you suffer on one screen when you can have two or more displays.On this article you’ll get to know more about the best monitor stand available in the market, specifically the best vesa monitor stand. Two monitors or even more really makes you more efficient, increase your productivity and make multi-tasking that much easier, not having to toggle between windows. However, the more monitors you add to your multi-screen setup, the more space it is going to take on the desk. So what can you do? Good thing we have great engineers and inventors who made this screen bracket that can hold multiple monitors. These affordable mounting brackets can hold up to 6 LCD displays and take very little space on the table. It will either require a footprint of a single monitor for the free standing type or a very small corner of your desk with the desk clamp type.

There are two types of monitor stand that is common in the market today, we have this free standing type and Desk Clamp type of mounting bracket. Both monitor stands definitely help free up tons of space on the desk and help you arrange your displays to suit you. These brackets lets you orientate and angle your screens easily. For instance, the three monitor mount allows you to have all your monitors in a row centered around you, so you can have a wrap-around arrangement to mimic a curved display.


Before buying a monitor stand, you need to know first if your monitor will support a VESA compatible mount. These are typically available on the back of your monitor. You may have to remove your existing monitor stand to reveal the VESA mount. They come in either 100 x 100mm or 75 x 75mm or both. As the VESA mounts are square, you can decide to mount your monitor horizontally in landscape mode or vertically in a portrait mode but check first that the design of the arms allows for portrait mode. You can also find stands that let you rotate the screen post installation so you can change between landscapes to portrait mode easily.       


Its flexibility is another thing you should be considering. The flexibility offered by the arms to be very specific. More rigid stands are pole based with the central arm made from a single sturdy pole. Sometimes a second pole or bar is added horizontally to hold more than two monitors. Premium monitor stands offer full motion swivel with articulating gas spring arms. These let you move, swivel and tilt the screens to suit your viewing angle and avoid glare, offering maximum flexibility.


You would need to establish the monitor sizes for your multiple monitor setup too. The stand need to be able to mount your monitors without suffering from stress or overload or worst, damage. Most stands are built to hold up to 27-inch displays but some can support up to 32-inch. Make sure you check with the manufacturer for the loading capacity and the weight of your monitor.

Having electric sit stand desk converter is also a good option for comfortability and convenience. If you are still looking for the best all time monitor whether it’s for gaming or video editing, check here for our top choices. JESTIK


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