Best Way To Schedule WhastApp Messages

Best Way To Schedule WhastApp Messages

WhatsApp is one of the roaring successes of today. This was bought by Facebook recently but it has its own originality intact.  It releases new features very frequently which make using this app easier and more interesting.

Nowadays people mostly use WhatsApp and the use of normal text messages that our sim cards provide has reduced considerably. When it comes to texting or sharing various media like images, audio and video WhatsApp has gained a special importance. Due to its encryption feature people are trusting whatsapp more nowadays.

However, it lags a very useful feature by which we can schedule our WhatsApp messages.

Although WhatsApp comes with nifty and useful features, it does not have “SCHEDULING WHATSAPP MESSAGES”. As this app does not have this amazing feature we might think that we might be able to enjoy it. Scheduling our messages will allow us to send messages later automatically and this makes our lives much easier.

But we can surely enjoy the feature of scheduling our WhatsApp messages with the help of some external app, which is a feature not available in WhatsApp. Scheduling our messages will mean that we can schedule birthday messages to be sent later or send important notice to our workplace friends if we are enjoying a holiday and there is high probability of forgetting about it.

Scheduling our messages on WhatsApp can be done in two ways primarily.

The first way to schedule our WhatsApp messages is to use the GBWhatsApp app.

First of all we need to what GBWhatsApp is. It is the unlocked version of the official WhatsApp app and it is loaded with most of the features that WhatsApp lacks.

We can enjoy features like sending unlimited size of videos that WhatsApp has restricted the size to twenty MB, changing privacy to strict to enjoy higher security and privacy and the best part is setting offline mode when we are online.

Well WhatsApp app does not have the “Scheduling WhatsApp Messages” but GBWhatsApp app comes with it. The latest GBWhatsApp app already comes with “Scheduling WhatsApp Messages” feature. So if we want to enjoy this feature we can install it and use this feature for using this feature.

The second method for scheduling WhatsApp messages using the Scheduler app for WhatsApp app.

The first step is to install the Scheduler for WhatsApp and this Scheduler for WhatsApp app allows us to send the scheduled messages on our WhatsApp. One of the best features is that it allows the official app to be controlled for scheduled messages without root access. The meaning of this is that we do not need to root our android device.

The Scheduler for WhatsApp app allows us to schedule and send messages like texts, videos, images etc. The one thing to keep in mind is that we need to delete the contents that we are about to send.

However this app allows us to send the scheduled messages to one person at a time. But if you can get the PRO version of Scheduler for WhatsApp then you can send the scheduled messages in WhatsApp groups too.

After opening the Scheduler for WhatsApp app,

Click on the plus icon present on the bottom left.

Then you need to select between WhatsApp group and individual contact, followed by selecting the recipient.

Then you need to select the date and time when you want to send the message, followed by frequency and message. The frequency of the scheduled messages can be once, daily, week, monthly or yearly.

WhastApp Messages date and time

Hence, these are the two basic ways by which we can schedule the messages on WhatsApp. Scheduling messages on WhatsApp is thus a very useful feature and we can schedule messages to be sent later. These messages can also be backed up.

Although we require external means to get the facilities of this feature, it is indeed worth the efforts and memory taken up by the app. it makes our lives easier and keeps a lot of tension out of our minds as we do not need to remember a many number of things.

So even if we are on a holiday, we can easily schedule important messages to be sent and thus helps in improving our work lives. Scheduling birthday messages would help us to build a firmer friendship with all our near and dear ones. Hence Gbwhatsapp app has gained so much popularity.

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