Best ways to apply eye shadow


Applying eye shadow does not have to be complicated. The basic concept of eye shadow is to increase or decrease elements of your eye area. Light colors will highlight and draw attention to shallow areas while dark colors will recede and minimize full, more prominent areas. A well-blended progression of light to dark colors is your best with eye shadow, but how to achieve it so it looks well-kept and striking? Read on to find out best ways to apply your eye shadow.

4Brush Tips

Your brushes are a very important part of applying eye shadow. Even the most skilled artists need a set of good tools they can rely on, and makeup brushes are no different. Invest in a variety of natural bristle brushes and disinfect and clean them regularly.

When applying your makeup and wondering where to place your brush, look straight ahead in a mirror and find the highest point of your eyebrow. From there, follow an imaginary vertical line going down towards the eye’s crease. From this point, begin blending in a slightly outward direction that follows your true crease and slightly above to where your brow bone begins.

Next, move the brush in a windshield wiper motion in the crease and along the edge of your brow bone. Don’t blend all the way to the inner corner of your eye unless your eyes are noticeably wide-set and you are trying to diminish this.


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