Best Way to charge your smartphone without harming its battery

Best ways to charge your smartphone without damaging its battery
Best ways to charge your smartphone

Extending your smartphone’s battery life has always been difficult, but wrong charging habits are the number one factor in causing premature death of your phone’s battery.

The best way to extend phone battery life

While it’s admittedly beneficial to be aware of the risks involved with batteries, try not to stress over being perfect. You can only do so much to maintain a battery before having to replace it. Keep in mind that following these tips below will help keep your smartphone working properly for as long as possible.

1- Plug in the phone and charge it for a little while.

To maintain your phone’s battery life and working condition, charge it whenever possible, even for brief periods of time. According to Business Insider, this will not damage the battery as some may think; in fact, it helps preserve the longevity of your phone’s battery.

2- Do not let your battery discharge completely before recharging it

If you’re phone battery is running low and you continue to use it until it dies, then you’re harming the battery life. This method is technically called “dying” and should be avoided.

When your phone’s battery reaches zero percent, it is not healthy for the battery in the long run. This is because each time it depletes its charge, lithium-ion cells are reduced, leading to a loss of power over time and shortened battery life.

To conserve your battery, charge your phone before the “battery saver” mode kicks in at 25%.

3- Maintain your battery’s power between 65% and 75%

Battery University, a technology website devoted to helping consumers make the most of their battery-powered devices, says that for optimal performance, you should keep your lithium-ion battery between 65% and 75% charged.

Even though it can be challenging to keep your phone charged between these levels, it is still beneficial to understand what’s best for your battery.

4- If you cannot do that, move to maintain the charge level between 45% and 75%.

It’s best to keep your smartphone battery between 45% and 75% charged. This is more realistic for most people on a daily basis than 65% to 75%. You can even develop a daily routine of plugging your phone in at certain times to keep its charge within those levels.

5- Don’t ever fully charge your battery, especially if it is completely empty.

Charging your phone’s battery from 25% or lower to 100% can reduce its capacity and shorten its lifespan.

Lithium-ion batteries do not need a full charge to function properly, and it is actually harmful to the battery’s lifespan to overcharge it.

Is using a fast charger harmful to my phone battery

Is using a fast charger harmful to my phone battery?

Although it might seem harmful, smartphones nowadays come with a feature called “Fast Charging” When used with the right adapter, your phone can charge faster than ever while still maintaining its health.

The degradation of your phone’s battery has more to do with how many times it is charged, rather than how quickly it charges. No matter what, a phone’s battery will degrade after two years or 500 charge cycles (about 80%).

6- Never leave your phone in the charger after it has reached 100% or in a warm environment

Once your phone battery is fully charged, it’s best to unplug it from the charger to preserve its health.

Further, if you charge your phone in a warm location, it will damage the battery by putting excess pressure on it.

Just like your phone battery won’t last as long in extreme heat or cold, it’s best to keep it within the 20-30 degree Celsius range for optimal usage.

7- Do not use a charger other than your original charger

The charger that came with your phone is the best option to charge it properly, or use a replacement charger from your manufacturer.


By following these simple tips, you can keep your smartphone battery working properly for a longer period of time. Although it is not possible to prevent degradation altogether, taking these measures will help to prolong the lifespan of your phone’s battery.

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