Seeing live music is the perfect pastime for families, couples, and friends, and Baltimore is home to some of the best music in the country. From large concert venues to small back rooms in bars, this city has it all.

No matter your taste, style, or preference, you can find your favorites in Baltimore. We’ve compiled some of the best ideas of local spots. Look around to check out up and coming bands and touring acts.

Baltimore Soundstage

For those who want to see their favorite celebrity musicians, concert venues like Baltimore Soundstage tend to book national acts. Tickets can be purchased beforehand via the website or a phone call. These tickets can be more expensive than other live music options, but often include a wider range of artists.

Baltimore Soundstage books famous musicians and more well-known acts. If you are interested in a particular band or style, be sure to check this and other local Baltimore concert venues. They often post calendars to their websites so that potential concertgoers can see who is coming to town next.

Handlebar Cafe

Local musicians frequent this hot spots to try out new songs and jam with new groups. Musicians often perform new original music.The best part about coffee shop concerts is that admission is usually free. Simply come to enjoy a drink and stay for the show.

Handlebar posts their monthly live calendar online. They host Reggae Wednesdays, and a variety of other styles throughout the week.

Drum Center online shop recommends these local hangouts to find some of the most well-trained musicians in the industry. It’s easy to connect with them afterwards and ask about what equipment they use, so you know what to stock up on.

Brothers Music or Ted’s Musicians Shop

Music stores aren’t just for buying instruments. They also offer a ton of educational and entertainment opportunities. In addition to classes and tutorials, music stores also sometimes host concerts. Brothers Music and Ted’s Musicians Shop are two local favorites.

Check out your local Baltimore music stores to see if there are any upcoming concerts or shows. The best part is that they are a hub for other musicians. You can really get a feel for the scene and meet players.

Cat’s Eye Pub

What could be a better way to unwind than with an evening of live music at your favorite drinking spot? Baltimore is full of bars that host live musicians. Typically the bar pays the musicians, so music is free of charge to customers.

Cat’s Eye Pub is a wonderful option for a date night. You can talk the night away while still relaxing and unwinding to some beautiful live music. Check out different types of bars for your favorite style. A smaller, quaint bar might be the right place for relaxing folk. Try a grungier bar for more of a loud, concert vibe to party with. Cat’s Eye Pub is warm and welcoming.

These musicians and bands are a great way to get a taste of the local style. Baltimore’s best players will still make their way to a late night bar set every once in a while. Check out the greats before they become the greats!

The Bottom Line

You can find live music anywhere. This is especially true in a vibrant city like Baltimore.

Be sure to investigate all your local options to find your new hangout. Take into account the cost, the atmosphere, and the type of music. Concert venues, coffee shops, music stores, and bars and pubs are all wonderful options for a date or a night out with friends.

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