Getting into nutritional ketosis is the most significant thing of the Konscious Keto and the major reason for its numerous benefits.

Ketosis is a metabolic condition that is entirely normal for your body. It is caused by severally restricting your supply of carbohydrates, and for this reason, your body will switch to breaking down fat rather than glucose. In this process, ketones will be produced to supply energy.

The fats that are broken down during ketosis is the fat reserved in your body and the one that you eat. This is why Healthline suggest that keto diet is the most effective way to lose weight.

Ketosis allows your body to access the fat quickly and break it down, instead of relying on carbohydrates of your immediate energy requirements.

Are there effective ways to get into the Konscious Keto faster?

In this article, you will learn about various ways to get started in ketosis. They will help you ensure your body will utilize the fat as a source of fuel.

Restrict the Intake of Carbs

The first and most significant step to consider when getting into keto diet is restricting your carb consumption to up to 25g net carbs every day. It is good to limit the carbohydrates at once rather than reducing them slowly every day. This will assist you to get into keto diet faster, and the adjustment will be easy and take less time.

Intake of Carbs

Working Out on an Empty Stomach

Exercising while hungry will make your body to utilize the reserved glycogen and then fats, rather than the food you have consumed before the exercise.

Weight training that tends to engage the large muscle groups like shoulders, back, arms and legs are helpful if you intend to reduce the glycogen stores.

Working out on an empty stomach is mostly endured well by the majority of people. However, if you feel that this might be hard, make sure you come along with a small snack and bite it if you feel hungry.

Try Intermitting Fasting

 As Healthline suggests, intermittent fasting has numerous benefits and plays a vital role in helping you get into Konscious Keto faster. It will trigger your body to utilize the glycogen quickly since it won’t be depending on the food you’re consuming to sustain itself.

If you haven’t tried the intermittent fasting yet, you can begin by taking breakfast late hours or avoid it entirely.

If you realize that you are feeling weak and tired, eat some food, but the majority of people endure avoiding a meal.

Increase Your Movements

For you to attain ketosis, your body must break down the glycogen that is reserved in your muscles and liver. Then, the glycogen will be utilized for the energy requirements of your body before it begins utilizing the fats.

One of the most effective means to trigger the consumption of glycogen in the body is moving more often to burn more energy. You can either hit the gym or just embark on your preferred form of workouts such as taking a walk or jogging.

While a single walk will not break down a large quantity of glycogen, it will accelerate the process.  Make sure you increase your movement activities to reach ketosis fast.

Increase Your Movements

Consume Sufficient Fats

Eating sufficient nutritional fats as you restrict your carb intake, your body will have a chance to shift to breaking down fats quickly. Fats will be changed to ketones for them to serve as a source of energy.

Make sure you don’t overdo it since too much intake of calories is dangerous. However, don’t limit the intake of calories during the first days to assist your body shift to ketosis quickly. Some of the best forms of natural fats for keto include coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, ghee, and butter.

Take Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil

MCT oil plays a vital role when it comes to ketone production, and it is quickly metabolized to produce instance energy. The oil is found in coconut oil and to a smaller amount in animal fats like butter. Nevertheless, you can purchase the MCT oil directly in liquid and powder form. Medium chain triglycerides oil is a perfect pre-exercise product that will be changed to ketones and will provide you a high energy booster.

Maintain sufficient Protein Consumption

Reaching ketosis needs adequate protein consumption, but it should not be excessive. Note that the standard ketogenic diet utilized in people who have epilepsy is limited in carbs and proteins to maximize the levels of ketone.

The similar diet might as well be helpful to people who have cancer since it can restrict the growth of the tumor.

Nevertheless, for the majority of people tend to reduce protein intake to raise the production is not a healthy thing.

For starters, it is vital to take adequate protein to provide the amino acids needed by the liver to be utilized for making fresh glucose.

During this process, the liver produces glucose for the fewer organs and cells within your body, and can’t utilize the ketones as fuel. Some of the organs and cells include the brain, kidneys and red blood cells.

Additionally, the intake of proteins should be high enough as it will help in maintaining the muscle mass when carbohydrates consumption is reduced, particularly during weight loss.

While weight loss leads to loss of fat and muscles, taking adequate amount of proteins on reduced carbohydrates ketogenic diet will assist preserve the muscle mass.

Measure Ketone Levels and Adjust Your Diet as Required

Like most aspects of nutrition, reaching and preserving a condition of ketosis is extremely personalized. For this reason, testing your ketone levels to make sure you are attaining the goals is essential. The ketones bodies can be tested in your blood urine and breath.  


Achieving a condition of a maintained and long-term healthy ketosis is one of the most significant changes that your body will experience when you get into a ketogenic diet. One of the major reasons why this habit of eating works perfectly is that your body has access to the fats reserved. To achieve this, you need to restrict your carb intake to up to 25g every day. Additionally, these tips will help you attain your ketosis quickly.

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