6 Best Ways To Help Underprivileged Kids

Best Ways To Help Underprivileged Kids

On one side, some lucky kids live comfortable lives. They enjoy having what they want and desire. On the other side, some kids can’t afford basic needs. They lack a place to live, clothes, and food to eat. Underprivileged kids require love and affection. They also need good healthcare and education. Unfortunately, these things remain a dream for them unless well-wishers step in and showcase their humanity.

Helping underprivileged kids ensures they gain self-confidence and self-esteem. It’s therefore important for anyone with the will and capability to help such kids in any way possible. If you’re wondering how you can help underprivileged kids, here are some of the best ways:

1. Fundraising

One of the best ways to help needy kids is by joining fundraiser communities or groups raising funds for poor kids, like Dan’s Plumbing fundraising for The Smith Family. You can also join various activities, such as conducting road shows that create awareness in society to help needy kids.

Fundraising can also involve donating or auctioning items to raise support funds for helping poor kids. What’s more, you can help raise funds for the needy while having fun at the same time. For instance, you can join a fundraiser marathon or fundraise during your birthday.

2. Offer Financial Help

Another way to help needy kids is by providing monetary help to solve the fundamental issues of living. You can donate the funds to charity homes to help needy kids get meals, clothes, and shelter. If possible, consider donating a percentage of your monthly income to help needy kids.

Foster A Child

3. Foster A Child

If you’re financially stable and have enough space, consider taking in a child for foster care. Foster care entails providing the basic needs for a kid who doesn’t have a home until the kid is grown and stable. The fostering process can take months or years and is usually beneficial and life-changing to a needy child. However, there are regulations to follow to become a foster parent. They vary from country to country.

For instance, in the US, you must apply to be a foster parent in the Department of Child Services, complete foster training, and pass a home inspection and background check. In Australia, you must apply to the state department of child services with an expression of interest form. You’ll also have to pass your home’s background test and complete fostering training.

4. Educate Them

As stated, underprivileged kids lack basic needs, which include quality education. This makes their lives even harder since education is among the necessity. Without a high school diploma, job opportunities are limited in modern society. When needy kids don’t access education, they end up in low-paying jobs that rarely pay rent. Therefore, if you’re looking for a big-time way to help underprivileged kids, offer them education opportunities.

There are different ways to educate needy kids. For instance, you can opt to pay their school fees directly. You can also look for a non-profit organization that works with educating needy kids and offer donations or volunteer your time. Additionally, you can conduct a fundraiser activity to raise school fees for needy kids. If your time allows, tutor kids yourself in reading, spelling, algebra, and writing or join school boards with after-school programs you can engage in.

5. Become A Mentor Or An Advocate

You can mentor kids by joining organizations that help connect underprivileged kids with adults who can mentor them through school and life. Kids with mentors have high chances of success, as they’re more likely to graduate and less likely to engage in drug use. If you’re a good mentor, look for a local department of child services with mentoring programs you can volunteer in.

You can also apply as a court-appointed special advocate to help represent kids without legal guardians. Court-appointed special advocates are not attorneys; their work is to represent foster kids in court instead of the legal custodian. These advocates form personal bonds with kids to ensure they fully represent them.

6. Use Social Media To Access Help

Social media can get a bad reputation for being a stream full of selfies and cat photos. However, social media can be used for good deeds, too. It’s one of the easiest and most used ways to help underprivileged kids. This is because about 50% of the world uses social media, which means you can connect with people from different parts of the world.

Social media networks, like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, can be used to raise awareness in the community to help needy kids. Furthermore, you can use social media to get direct access and connection with donors, non-profit organizations, and NGOs that can donate to the underprivileged.


Above are some of the ways you can support needy kids. However, you’re not limited to these forms of help only. Any help that gives an underprivileged child a better future is a good step in the right direction.