Cleaning is not always easy, especially when you got to do the cleaning of your hardwood floors.

Things are not same on every floor; the hardwood floors need intensive care while cleaning like using the soft cleaning solution and also using the best hardwood floor vacuum, details can be found here.

Let’s have a look at few tips on how to keep your hardwood floors clean by using the best hardwood floor vacuum or other tools.

1. Take your shoes off before stepping into the home

Cleanliness starts from the door, as shoes are the number one source that brings dirt into the house.

So, keep people from wearing shoes into your house, which will make it easier to keep the place tidy.

A polite request to your guests to leave their shoes on the mat can do and also make sure that you and your family follows it too.

2. Placemats at the Entryways and Around the House

Place the mats outside and inside the door to reduce the amount of dirt tracked into the house.

Not only near the entryways, but also place the mats or carpets around the house in order to trap the unusual dirt or spills.

Place them in the places where you find the probability of tracking dirt for the best dirt retention.

3. Wear Home Shoes OR Slippers

Though it sounds odd, you should really have a few pairs of shoes to wear around your house.

Your feet tend to collect dirt and spread it all around your home while grinding it into the floors as you walk.

So, get yourself a pair of soft shoes like slippers or flip-flopsthat are less sticky and avoid tracking of dirt around your home.

4. Quick Dusting OR Mopping Everyday Is Suggested

This might sound tiring, but if you pick up the dirt from the floor daily, you will just need a quick sweep every day to maintain a clean and tidy house throughout the week.

Use a dust-mop or the best hardwood floor vacuum to pick up the dirt.

This will eventually make it easier and effortless to deep clean whenever your house needs it.

5. Sweep OR Vacuum-up The Dirt before Mopping

Don’t just start mopping around before sweeping the floor.

It is always better to get as much as dirt off the floor as possible before you start mopping around.

This will keep the floor clean and prevent it from getting scratched up.

6. Never Use a Wet Mop, Use Only a Damp One

Water and wood don’t work well together.

So, it is better to keep the mop damp while cleaning the floors.

Before you make contact of your mop to the floor make sure you squeeze it properly and wring it until it’s damp.

7. Buy OR Prepare Your Own Softer Cleaning Solution for Wood

The readymade cleaning solutions for wood aren’t always good for the floors.

The floor may get clean but may also cause long-term damage to the floor.

So, it is a good idea to make your own soft cleaning solutions for your type of wood floors.

8. Spray the Cleaning Solution OR Water Instead of Pouring OR Soaking

It’s a good idea to use a spray bottle and fill it with your preferred cleaning to keep the floor from getting too wet.

A quick spray can help you in easy cleaning of the floorbefore you mop an area instead of leaving the water on floors to dry for long hours.

9. Spare Your Floor by Attaching Felt Contacts to The Bottom of Your Furniture Legs

Furniture never stays constant in the corner.

It keeps moving around your house when you are cleaning.

Attaching the small felt tips to the bottoms of the legs of the furniture can make it really easy to move places without scraping the floor.

This protects the floor and makes it easy to clean the home and furniture.

10. Don’t Neglect the Baseboards and Corners

You can’t afford any place to collect large amounts of dirt and filth throughout the week for a house to look clean.

So, you got to make sure that you vacuum around every corner and baseboards of the wood floors to avoid the buildup of dirt.

Bottom Line

Make sure you clean everyday and use the tools that don’t cause any damage or scratches to your floor.

You can use the best hardwood floor vacuum to clean up the dirt from every corner, the details of which can be found here.

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