With the recent trend of legalization through the various countries around the world and states in the United States, more people are becoming accustomed to marijuana. The people who thought this was only the devils drug have since changed their mind for the positive of cannabis. Since then, people have taken up cannabis to be used for different symptoms. For example, cancer patients can use cannabis to open up their appetite. With some of them having irritation in the throat and lung, smoking is not an option so they have to vape it.

Even Cannabidiol comes with various ways to consume it. CBD isolates are one of the most popular forms of CBD because they’re versatile in how they can be used. They can be added to your herbs, concentrates, edibles, vape juice and much! You can use rig for wax as well.

5 Best Smoking Tools

Below are the five best ways to heat up your weed and smoke it.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Vaporizers are the newest types of devices and a dry herb vaporizer is the precise and efficient version of what smoking should be. Convection vaporizers are the most ideal type of vape you will need to heat up your cannabis flower to the right temperature to create vapor from the active ingredients. Unlike smoking, you don’t get the tar or the excess heat through your throat.

Being able to cool down your vapor from the temperature selection option is the main reason why people switch to vaping when they have throat ailments.


One of the most popular ways to smoke weed is to roll it up in either papers or tobacco. Depending on your friends or your smoking personality it will differ how you smoke. The best rolling papers will be super smooth. They will prevent you from coughing because they’re natural and thin.

Blunts or tobacco wraps are very common in big groups. This is because blunts typical use more weed and they burn slower too. On the other hand, they’re also harsher too. You do get a small tobacco buzz from a blunt because the wrap is generally made from tobacco, however there are some that do not contain any tobacco at all.

Nectar Collector

A nectar collector is a smoking tool that is only used on concentrates and wax. It is a very efficient way to getting all the little oils. Simply put your wax inside a glass cup or bowl, heat up the tip of your nectar collector until it hot enough to dip it onto the wax. This turns the wax into vapor right away. You can choose titanium or ceramic tips, depending on your preference.

Water Pipe/Dab Rig

A water pipe or also known as a bong is one of the most common smoking tools for cannabis. Any hippie portrayed in a movie is going to be smoking from a bong. Water pipes are the most efficient way to get all the smoke out and inhale as much THC cleanly while using a lighter. Although the lighter may kill some THC from the herbs, you will have a cleaner water filtration process. One thing to always remember is having your water pipe clean is going to take you a long way. The more it gets clogged, the harder it gets to use. You also lose out on so much of the active ingredient.

A dab rig is the same as a water pipe but this is for waxes only. The bowl is different. Instead of a deep bowl to load up your herbs, you’re going to need a nail or banger. To use your dab rig, you will need a torch to heat up your nail or banger enough to have the wax turns into vapor instantly as soon as it touches it. You can also use a dab pen which is by far more portable than a dab rigs.

Glass Pipe

A glass pipe is the most common one because they’re small and most often used. Going into any smoke shop or head shop, glass pipes are the most common. They are the cheapest and come in different forms. The good thing about these is you do not need to worry about smoking a whole gram in a joint. You can pack enough for one small hit.


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