Having the right wheelchair can make all the difference.

When wheelchair manufacturers put out a new product, they do so with the consumer in mind. A lot of trial and error with customer feedback goes into the production of a great wheelchair to make it the best and most helpful chair it can be.

Some of the results are spectacular, while others fail to hit the mark. Each individual likes something a little different, however, so having a large selection to choose from is important. One of the most important aspects users look for in this selection is the best lightweight wheelchair.

Today, we’re going to look at 5 of the best wheelchairs on the market, as chosen by consumers. After all, that’s whose opinion matters the most. Let’s get started.

1. Invacare Tracer SX5

The Invacare Tracer line always puts out extremely maneuverable chairs at an affordable price point. These wheelchairs come in various armrest, and footrest sizes and has a lightweight, yet sturdy carbon frame.

Other features include adjustable, full-length or desk-length armrests that flip back depending on what function you need. The footplates come with removable heel loops and the leg rests have three elevations and calf pads available.

It’s a high-performing chair that comes in at a mid-range cost, so it’s considered a bit of a bargain.

2. Medline Transport Folding Wheelchair

If you’re looking for quick and easy transportation, the Medline Transport Folding chair is a great option. Durable and comfortable, it has XL 12-inch rear wheels that can give you a smooth ride on both indoor and bumpy outdoor surfaces.

The portable back can easily be folded down for stowing away during travel. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to lift, but that doesn’t take away from its incredible durability. With regular inspections, this chair can last for many years without having to be replaced, unlike other models of its kind.

3. Karman 29 Pounds Ergonomic Wheelchair

Karman’s brand new 29 Pounds Ergonomic chair takes into account the back pain associated with most wheelchairs. The ergonomic S-shape will contour to most body types, alleviating aches and pains, as well as lowering the likelihood of scoliosis and pressure ulcers.

The pull-back arms allow for easy in-and-out transfer and allowing you to get close to desks and tables without much effort. Overall, it’s a great chair that maximizes comfort for the person sitting in it and anyone propelling it.

4. Drive Medical Cruiser 3

The 3rd edition of the Drive Medical Cruiser is built with transportation in mind. If you’re someone that’s on the go a lot, the removable flip-back arms allow for easy transfer and storage.

This model is great for new users and those that want to switch back and forth between walker and wheelchair. It’s been reported by consumers that you can make this switch within 30 seconds. Perfect for someone with cerebral palsy that gets tired easily.

5. Nova Transport

The Nova Transport was built for heavier users. With a 400 lb weight capacity, it’s one of the only chairs of its kind that has the level of functionality that it does. These wheelchairs are a great alternative to bariatric power chairs.

The locking handbrakes allow the user to have control at all times and they stabilize the vehicle with ease. These powerful brakes make it easier to maintain control on rough terrain and downhill slopes as well. The Nova Transport is easily foldable and lightweight for painless transportation.

Find the Best Wheelchairs for You

To choose the best model for yourself or a loved one, take into consideration what yours or their needs are. You don’t need a high weight capacity if you aren’t overweight and if you travel a lot, something lightweight and compact is a good choice.

These are some of the best wheelchairs, but there are many others out there as well. Do your research and figure out what the best wheelchair is for your needs.

Did you find this article helpful? Come back and visit us for more best-of lists on healthcare, lifestyle, and travel.

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