Successful blogging requires high quality content, regular updates, search engine optimization, and the right use of visuals. Whether you have just learnt how to start a blog or have been working up the courage to do so for a while – you know that choosing the right template is one of the most important decisions you will have to make about your blog – and is essential for your blogging success.

Choosing the right theme or template can make a huge difference in how your blog is perceived and the services or products you want to promote through it. To help you make the best choice, below are 6 of the best blogging templates for different niches.

1. Success Coach Template

There is a strong market for motivational content, think of all the motivational Ted Talks you’ve ever seen going viral. This unique blog template from is an excellent choice for you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and success tips. Whether you are offering life-coaching, lifestyle advise or teaching general transferable skills, this template will be the perfect way to package your story and promote your services. It is simple and fully customizable to give you the opportunity to tell your story exactly the way you want it to be told.

Make sure to include the range of services you offer, rates and contact details. Don’t forget to   create a blog and share relevant informative posts to drive organic traffic to your new site.

Success Coach Template

2. Beauty Template

Do you want to share your knowledge on beauty? Maybe you offer beauty products and services? If you answered yes to any of these, you could not go wrong with the gorgeous and clean design of this beauty blog.

Beauty Template

The template, its visual elements, and its menu can all be customized to requirements. The use of subtle pastel colors is impressive. Share your story, knowledge, or products in a simple way and make a strong impact on your readers’ minds.

3. Health and Wellness Template

Health and Wellness Template

In an increasingly health conscious world, almost everyone wants to improve one or the other aspect of their health, wellness, figure, or posture. If you are a health guru or a fitness freak use your blog to share your specialized knowledge with your audience through an elegant and simple blog. Display your featured posts on the home page, and focus on increasing readers engagement through readers subscription, showcasing other successful fitness plans and providing complimentary nutrition tips.

4. Food Template

Food Template

The world doesn’t have enough of dieticians. Everyone is almost always seeking more advice and guidance on what they should be eating to lead a healthier and better life. Whether you have professional qualifications or experience in the field, this can be just the perfect blogging template for you. Dotted with just the right visual elements, this template speaks volumes about fresh food, eating healthy, organic, and even raw. In addition to your blog, you can also showcase your services and speak about yourself.

Share tips on eating healthy for different conditions or health goals. Create posts on health recipes and nutrition counseling, if you provide it.

5. Relationship Coach Template

Relationship Coach Template

More people are searching online for advice on relationship than almost anything else. So this professional-looking Relationship Coach template can be just the design you may need for creating a successful blog. Share your knowledge based on your experience to help people improve their relationships and find the right companionship in their lives. Include a podcast, publish blog posts regularly, and be sure to share success stories.

6. Fashion and Style Template

Share your fashion and style choices through a beautifully designed template, that showcases your style, whether understated or filled with statement pieces.  

With a strong enough following, many influencers collaborate with fashion brands for endorsements or other partnerships.   

Fashion and Style Template

Every template has been expertly designed for its niche, but don’t let it hold you back from customizing it fit your needs exactly. Feel free to include additional visual elements including anything from infographics, illustrations, GIFs and of course, high resolution images to enhance your readers’ experience.

Get started on your blog today!


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