There is no secret that online stores, apps and technological advancement continues to change and revolutionize the way people shop. As online stores evolve, so does more and more retailers resort to online Ecommorce platforms. This is also galvanised by the fact that buyers spend more time online browsing for products than visiting a physical store.

Online selling is growing, and retailers are constantly looking for new ways to sell or market themselves. Therefore, having an online presence like a website or blog is an asset today in reaching a broad customer base. WordPress helps to bridge this gap. It offers sellers the chance to build and support websites even for those who may not have the budget required by developers or the infrastructure needed to put one up. Several WordPress themes have been designed for e-commerce. Here is a list of the best WordPress themes for you to try today.


MerchandiserMerchandiser is powered by WooCommerce and is designed for simplicity. Its layouts can be tweaked from the customizer with design options such as a customizable header, variety of Google fonts and menu with extensive feature navigation. This WordPress theme allows you to create pages using a drag and drop feature.  Merchandiser has been built with utmost attention to detail and with a minimalist design to offer the user flexibility for quick and efficient set up. Experiment with Merchandiser today.


KaliumFor retailers looking for a theme that offers more than just a simple and functional interface, Kalium is the right choice. It provides a unique and cool feel to websites giving you the fastest and easiest way to website building. Also, it presents the user with the option of personalizing fonts and a variety of skins for different occasions. Kalium is more geared to those retailers in the handmade arts and crafts business. It is also responsive and looks good on all platforms, be it on mobile devices or PCs.

The Shopkeeper

The ShopkeeperAnother top WordPress theme that comes with a smooth and advanced hipster is the Shopkeeper. It is flexible and packed with options that you can use to build your company profile, build your online retailer store or showcase your products. Its fluid and complete responsive layout design attracts visitors to your website and will give them an amazing viewing experience. The Shopkeeper can be used for a variety of purposes such as personal portfolio, corporate or agency landing page and a product catalog. In addition, is has advanced theme options panel that allows you to alter the outlook of your eCommerce site.

The Gem

The GemIf there is one WordPress theme that you will come across and go like ‘wow’, it’s got to be the Gem. The Gem is a quality and incredibly beautiful theme by WooCommerce. It’s among the top-selling themes in 2017. It is extremely customizable, functional and flexible suiting several purposes. Although it may seem advanced, it is user-friendly and has a high performance. It includes unique functionalities such as wishlists, built in order tracking system, multistep checkout and much more. The Gem is SEO optimized so your website is guaranteed to rank well on search engines. Try Gem today.


DiviDivi eCommerce theme gives you the power to build a beautiful looking store. It is a superbly comprehensive and expansive theme suited to creating small and large websites, commercial, corporate, personal or professional. Similar to the Gem, it’s fast loading and SEO friendly. Divi’s standout asset is its versatility. It features functions such as product pages, carts and AJAX powered searches. Have a go at Divi today and market yo

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