The film industry is a multi-billion dollar business, and marketing is a crucial component of the success of any film. Many digital film marketing companies work with filmmakers to create successful marketing campaigns. Therefore, it’s essential to spend some time and attention choosing the best film marketing company for your movie’s promotion.

Why Do Filmmakers Choose Top Film Marketing Companies?

Creating a blockbuster digital marketing strategy is no easy task. At the very least, it requires search engine optimization, social media presence, email or SMS marketing, paid advertisements, and various promotional materials. An outstanding campaign will often combine all of this and more while honing in on the innate desires and behaviors of your film’s potential audience. Needless to say, doing all this while hiring photographers, videographers, directors, screenwriters, and actors and overseeing the filming and production process is a real headache. That’s precisely where film marketing services come into play. The film marketing agency will take a detailed look at your movie idea, consider your resources, and generate a marketing plan to capture as much of the target audience as possible. However, remember that not all film marketing companies are created equal.

Some film marketing companies are costly, failing to deliver better results than a generalized digital marketing agency. Fortunately, dozens of top film marketing companies have been vetted and put to the test by numerous filmmakers and producers before you. These companies have what it takes to scoop up some of the work on your plate and put it on theirs. Some of them are juggling several people’s plates effortlessly, handling the complex analytical activities of many filmmakers at once.

In short, producers and filmmakers hire these expert cinema marketers to accomplish what seems impossible. They can take a relatively small budget and turn it into a cult following. The intense analysis and execution of marketing principles combined with today’s high-tech artificial intelligence, social media marketing, and digital advertising give them an edge over film marketers of the past. It also makes them much more capable than novice marketers with their plates half-full of other stuff involved in filmmaking.

10 Best Digital Film Marketing Companies in 2022

10. Madrid Film Office

While a great office to work with when a film calls for scenes to be filmed in Madrid, Spain, the services of Madrid Film Office don’t extend far outside that realm. The city boasts a whopping 72% of the Spanish audiovisual industry and has an ideal location for filming in many cases. The office is actually a public service of Madrid City Council, intending to promote the city as a premier filming destination. It’s a great partner for filmmakers who wish to utilize Madrid’s beautiful weather and generous tax incentives on their projects.


CultureHead is another film marketing agency that might be perfect for your film… or not. If you are a part of the Irish Entertainment Industry, you may qualify to work with CultureHead. Their services include digital management, social media marketing, and public relations. However, something they offer which is somewhat less common is digital marketing training. They will teach digital marketing strategy training to individuals or organizations across Ireland and the UK. If this sounds like you or your filmmaking studio, you may be able to save some money on your project yet!

8. Wild Card

While differentiating themselves as audience-first marketers, Wild Card manages to offer an impressive stack of services. They specialize in branding, print, social media marketing, and trailer production. However, while they focus on some of the most critical aspects of the film marketing process, they do not differentiate themselves enough from other top film marketing companies. Any agency on this list would recognize that a holistic approach focusing on the audience’s needs is of utmost priority. This makes Wild Card’s USP(Unique Selling Proposition) irrelevant at this level.

7. Top Influencer Marketing Agency

Top Influencer Marketing Agency is unique to this list, specializing heavily in influencer marketing methods. These include Sponsored Posts, Influencer Trips, Influencer Blogging, and Influencer Brand Ambassadors. This means they wouldn’t be a good choice for someone looking for a full-service digital film marketing agency. However, as an addition to another agency on this list or an in-house marketing team, it could be a unique and potent option, especially when targeting younger audiences.

6. Garnier PR

Garnier Public Relations is a film marketing agency offering services such as interview and press screening, social media management, film publicity campaigns, and consulting. They assist with many kinds of television, film, and entertainment marketing and publicity. They’re mindful of your budget and happy to work for a retainer agreed upon beforehand. Like most top film marketing companies, they focus on delivering tangible results.

5. FCM Agency

FCM Agency is unique in ensuring your project isn’t just seen but remembered. They offer many standard services like online commercials & ad buying, SEO, and brand strategy, but they also offer state-of-the-art video production. They create videos for branding, company intros, recruitment & culture, and even animated explainers. They’re very transparent about their production processes when creating these branding and marketing videos. They also offer video tips & tricks at the low cost of an email address.

4. DDA

DDA, similarly to Garnier PR, offers publicity and branding services as well as live events. However, they differentiate themselves by prioritizing their clients’ storytelling and personal representation. They also provide consulting and standard digital and social media marketing services, rounding out their offerings.


FilmFrog, like FCM agency, offers video production and many other services common among top film marketing companies. They are a full-service film marketing agency offering email strategy, social media engagement, business development, and other digital marketing services in addition to their video production services.

2. Psyber

Unlike some of the other top film marketing companies on this list, Psyber casts an extensive net with regard to the services they offer. This includes more specific services like Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Advertising, Social Media Strategy, and Digital Branding. However, significantly, they provide a vast number of different types of services. This means you can take your ideas for a film marketing plan and bring them to them. Chances are, they’ll offer everything you need aside from perhaps creating promotional materials. Suppose you wanted to promote your film with a blog, two social media platforms, email marketing, paid social ads, paid search ads, and influencers. That sounds like a tall order, but Psyber offers all that and more. The most considerable drawback to Psyber is that they’re a pure digital film marketing agency, lacking some public relations services like traditional press and live events.

1. Gruvi

Gruvi is an agency that provides some deep business insights. In fact, you could almost execute your own film marketing plan with the data and insights they give you. Not that you’d have to, because they are a full-service digital film marketing company. They utilize social media listening and artificial intelligence to provide unique and distinctive audience insights packed with detail. For example, their audience analysis might deliver you this: (Along with other graphs and statistics)

“Your core audience is 1.5M, and your total potential audience is 18M:

81% of your possible audience is currently living in Brazil and the US.

They are self-reliant, thoughtful, and reserved individuals.

They are authority-challenging – keen to defy traditional values to drive positive societal changes.

With this audience, use metaphors and imagination – include affective words and don’t shy away from negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, and sadness.

Be unexpected, counter-cultural, and challenge the system.”

Notice how this audience analysis is focused not only on the audience demographics but on the thoughts, actions, and motivations of the individuals within it? That’s what outstanding audience analysis looks like.

What’s So Special About Top Film Marketing Companies?

A top film marketing company is any company that offers a wide selection of services and practical audience analysis. It has a differentiating factor to their strategies. This is because you will need many of these things when looking to successfully market your movie. Without understanding your audience, telling the story they want to hear may not be possible. You won’t get very far on a tight budget without cheap and effective marketing techniques like email marketing and SEO. Finally, you won’t experience the stand-out success you deserve without something different about your strategy.

Ideally, a film would incorporate a combination of in-house marketing resources and an agency specializing in the most desired services and areas with which the in-house team lacks expertise. For instance, if you have internal members capable of handling promotional materials and videos, organizing some press, and managing some of the audience analysis, Psyber might be the perfect option for you. Alternatively, suppose your team can handle all digital marketing, such as email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and paid ads. In that case, hiring a Top Influencer Marketing Agency may be an excellent choice. Gruvi and Psyber are the most compelling options with data-driven digital techniques that will give you an edge over the competition and reach your audience effortlessly.