Have you thought about the state of your carpet right now? Are you planning to clean it after a long time? If so, you might have come across some myths that are being surrounded these days about carpet cleaning. Here are the 5 biggest lies people say about carpet cleaning.

1. Dry cleaning methods are more effective than wet cleaning methods.

As water is not used in dry cleaning, some residues are left in the carpet. But wet cleaning can remove most of the dirt and stains from the carpet. Wet cleaning is the real winner but there are some drawbacks. Sometimes steam cleaning fails due to unskilled staff or faulty equipment the cleaning agents and water might get left uncleaned. This eventually will lead to the growth of mould which can cause skin allergies to kids as well as pets. This can be prevented by applying adequate vacuum pressure and hiring professionals with years of experience in carpet cleaning Brisbane northside.

2. Only highly concentrated chemical agents clean well

Many commercial carpet cleaners use toxic chemical cleaning agents. They not only ruin the indoor atmosphere but also damages the carpet. Buy cleaning agents which are organic. This type has a green seal. In order to remove tough stains, many professional cleaners use harmful chemicals which are commonly used in the dry cleaning industry. This is unnecessary and harmful to your carpets. They use it because the time taken to dry this is very less. Carpet cleanings are done only once in 12-18 months and it is best to do some research and select proper cleaning agent for your carpet if you want your carpet to stay long and look clean. It can cost you a lot if you get careless and trust the cleaners fully.

3. Carpet cleaning increases stain resistance.

Some products claim to have stain resisting property. This is somewhat unreal as cleaning carpets can never prevent it from stains in the future. To some extent, it can be true because of highly advanced chemical agents but not completely. Moreover, dirt is the reason behind the reduction in the lifespan of a carpet, not the cleaning process. Many products are hyped in the market to just loot money from customers by making them believe with advertisements. Some people also suggest not to clean your carpet in the first year because once it is cleaned it may not look new again. This is not at all healthy. Clean your carpets in proper intervals.

4. Cheaper cleaning services are better.

Cheaper cleaning services cannot be trusted. But even very expensive ones are not required. On a normal rate, one square foot will cost you near $0.50 – $0.60. This is a reasonable price for renting the equipment, cleaning and paying the workers. If someone is offering less than that it is probably going to cost you your carpets money. Unskilled and untrained workers can damage it beyond repair. The price can come down if you have more area to clean but it is not very cheap. If you want your carpets to last long, make sure it is cleaned by well-equipped and well-trained professionals.

5. Truck mount and portable cleaning machines have the same power.

Portable cleaning machines are far weaker than truck mount ones. They use up power and water and dumps the water directly into your toilet. They use hot water which most of the time comes from the tap and rarely some machines come with in-built water heater of 2000 watts. But a truck mount has hoses of 2-2.25 inch diameter and can power two hoses where portable has only a 1.5-inch hose. The wattage of a portable one is the same as a blowdryer. Portable ones clean with a pressure ranging from 100-200 psi whereas for truck mounts it is more than 800 psi. When a portable cleaner costs somewhere around $1000 – $1500 a truck mount cleaner costs ten times more than that. This itself is proof that truck mount and portable cleaners are not the same. 


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