Bill Gates is in a serious romantic relationship

Bill Gates is in a serious romantic relationship

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has finally found love with Paula Hurd, nearly two years after he separated from his wife, Melinda French Gates.

The couple’s relationship was confirmed after cameras spotted the American billionaire with Hurd, the widow of American businessman Mark Hurd, while they were enjoying watching the men’s singles final at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia.

Sources revealed to People magazine that Gates, 67, has been dating Paula Hurd, 60, for more than a year, but the latter has not yet met his children, as Gates has three children from his ex-wife Melinda French, who separated from her after a 27-year marital relationship. years, the youngest of whom is 19 years old.

A mutual friend of the duo revealed that they are inseparable and their relationship is serious, and their relationship has passed for more than a year, and although Paula is described as a “mysterious woman”, the close ones know about their emotional relationship.