Birthstone jewellery is a wonderfully thoughtful gift to give any woman in your life. You absolutely cannot get more personal than a beautiful piece of jewellery that features the recipient’s birthstone, it’s an amazing gift idea. Of course, the main piece of information you need when shopping for a birthstone is which stone matches her birth month, here’s all months and their correlating gemstones:


January’s birthstone is Garnet. This is a deep, moody toned red stone which is slightly warm-toned. Garnet’s power is in relationships and passion, attracting meaningful friendships, relationships and emotions to the wearer. The connection to the heart chakra is what makes it such an emotional stone. 


The bold and vivacious Amethyst is February’s birthstone, which is known for being thoughtful, transformative and powerful. This stone ignites intellectual and creative thought, awakening the wearer’s senses. It is also believed that it has healing powers to help with any physical ailments, emotional problems, and in chakra balancing and energy healing


March’s birthstone is Aquamarine. This stone is a brilliant and vibrant blue, which is worn to induce a tranquil and calming aura. Aquamarine banishes nervousness and doubt, replacing them with peacefulness.


Fresh, clear White Topaz is the stone for April. This gem is known for being intuitive and inspiring, pushing the knowledge and creativity of the wearer. It is also believed that topaz can give relief from throat problems, blood disorders, vision problem, indigestion and even hemorrhage.


Classic and timeless Emerald is May’s birthstone. This is a nurturing and powerful gem that creates a strong mind and an open heart. Like Garnet, Emerald is also connected to the heart chakra, making it highly emotional.


Mysterious Moonstone is June’s match. Moonstone is connected to the tides and the pull of the universe, and its power is all about self-acceptance, care and love. Mysterious Moonstone promotes calm mood and helps to aid productively releasing frustration it is also popularly used by wearers that has a problem with their temper or their emotional state.


July’s stone is luxurious Ruby, one of the strongest and most valuable gemstones out there. Ruby embodies the fiery passion and power of the sun, bringing determination, confidence and ambition to those born in July.


Peridot is August’s stone, like Ruby, this stone has a strong affinity with the sun. Its positive energy will protect the wearer’s heart from negativity and harm.


The classic, elegant Sapphire is the allocated stone for September. Sapphire is able to encourage calming thoughts and powerful motivation.


Pretty and pink Tourmaline is this month’s birthstone. Tourmaline is great for guidance and banishing anxieties. It’s powerful healing properties will re-balance the wearer’s energy.


November’s stone, Citrine, is another gem that’s heavily connected to the strength of the sun. It clears the mind of its owner and gets rid of any darkness or negativity.


Last but not least, Zircon. December’s birthstone is all ability balance, stability and power. Zircon is focused on boosting the wearer’s confidence, grace and growth.

Now that you know what birthstone to look for, and what it means, you can start exploring! These gemstones can be found in different jewellery styles pretty much everywhere, so now it’s time to focus on the style and metal of your chosen piece.

For style, you’ll need to closely observe the woman that you’re shopping for. Pay attention to what colours she likes to wear, and what jewellery she has already. If she loves thin and faint chains, opt for a delicate necklace. Maybe she’s more of a statement lover? A brilliant ring that features her birthstone would be perfect!

For metal, make your decision based on her skin tone. If she’s cooler in tone, I suggest that you go for silver, white gold or platinum. If she’s warmer, yellow and rose gold will be perfect!

You really can’t go wrong with birthstone jewellery, it’s elegant, considerate and extremely memorable. She’s sure to love her personalised gift!


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