Breast shape and size determine your self-esteem and partner’s appreciation for physical attributes. If your breasts are smaller or larger than expected, you may opt for breast augmentation to enhance shape and size. Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute offers board-certified breast augmentation in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, based on individual features and aesthetic goals. Most women are viable candidates for breast augmentation offered by the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute with zero chances of mild or chronic side effects.

What’s Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation/ augmentation mammoplasty/ breast enlargement refers to a surgical procedure altering your breast’s size and shape. Other than improving your bustline, your surgical procedure also;

·         Reverses breast sagging

·         Adjusts breast symmetry

·         Increases breast firmness and size

·         Reconstructs breasts after mastectomy or traumatic injury

At the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Leedy uses silicone implants containing a saline-water mix prepared to enhance breast size and appearance. Dr. Leedy takes measurements and considers individual needs to help you settle on the best shape and size.

Deciding on the Best Breast Augmentation

Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute is equipped to deliver fully customized breast augmentation for all visiting patients. Dr. Leedy uses 3D imaging to deliver an impression of expected final results before your treatment. You may also benefit from Dazzylle® take-home breast implant sizers allowing you to explore breast implants of all sizes at your convenience to find the perfect fit.

What Happens During Breast Augmentation?

At the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Leedy performs surgery while you are under anesthesia for a comfortable and safe procedure. Dr. Leedy makes incisions around the outer edge of your nipples or along the bottom breast crease for minimal post-operative discomfort. In the long term, you may achieve breast size goals with barely noticeable scars.

Dr. Leedy injects implants through tiny incisions to place them behind your chest muscle or under the breast tissue. He considers your initial consultations and aesthetic needs to determine the most viable placement position to achieve your dream shape and size.

The entire breast augmentation procedure lasts for about an hour.

Recovery from Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is fully customized to improve your appearance with minimal to zero side effects. Dr. Leedy uses surgical procedures on an outpatient basis to improve your breast’s size and appearance. After surgery, you may benefit from a brief siesta, shower, and upper body exercises after a couple of weeks.

You should be ready for slight soreness and discomfort when moving around the house or office. Fortunately, you can manage several light duties or attend your long-awaited dinner date within forty-eight hours. You should abide by Dr. Leedy’s pre and post-op instructions for minimal to no side effects for the best experience.

Other Services Offered at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute

Dr. Leedy also specializes in;

§  Liposuction

§  Rhinoplasty

§  Tummy tuck

§  Blepharoplasty

§  Brazilian butt lift

§  Male breast reduction

§  Mommy makeover

§  Coolsculpting

§  Facelift

§  Smart Lipo

§  Botox and fillers

If you need breast augmentation services in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, and its environs, do not hesitate to reach out to Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute for immediate assistance. You may also visit the practice for other services highlighted above for immediate and long-term relief. Reach out via phone or online platforms to book an appointment at your convenience today.


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