If you’re one of the lucky ones who loves their workplace and their supportive managers, boss appreciation day can be everyday and here’s how to show gratitude

Most employees dread Mondays and wait patiently (or impatiently) for Friday. And the number is higher than you think. 53% of workers are unhappy with their jobs.

There could be many reasons, but most of them point to an unruly boss. That’s why 58% of employees say they trust strangers more than their boss.

Are you one of the workers who can’t relate? Do you not only love your job but also love your boss?

Then you should be excited for October 16 — boss appreciation day! Here’s why you should celebrate and some ideas for your boss’ lucky day!

The History of Boss Appreciation Day

Boss appreciation day isn’t a new holiday. The first boss appreciation day was celebrated in 1958! The first business to think of this idea was insurance company State Farm, at their Deerfield, Illinois office.

Patricia Bays Haroski established the holiday with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to honor her own boss. She chose October 16 because it was the same day as her father’s birthday.

Ever since then, boss appreciation day helped strengthen employer and employee relations. Today, boss appreciation day is celebrated internationally. Currently, Australia, Lithuania, and South Africa also celebrate boss appreciation day.

Ways to Thank Your Boss

Are you debating the different ways you can celebrate boss appreciation day with your manager? Here are a few fun and effective ideas.

Write a Note

While sliding a thank you note in your boss’ emails (or DMs) may seem like a convenient option, there’s nothing that conveys sentiment more than a handwritten note.

Who doesn’t love thank you notes? Whether you just scribble something on paper or take time to pick out a card and think of a nice message, a thank you note resonates with anyone.

This small token will create a boss day your manager will never forget.

Say Thank You — But Be Specific

The best way to show any kind of appreciation is by saying thank you. But c’mon, it’s your boss. This person is the sole reason why you have a job. There has to be something else you can say.

Start by reflecting on the ways they made you feel appreciated. Did they reward you for a project? Do they compliment on particular skills of yours? Say thanks for all of those kind words and actions.

What if your boss did something major?

Were you promoted? Did you make a suggestion and your boss adhered by it? Did you mention you’re overwhelmed and overworked, which resulted in your boss bringing more talent on your team?

This proves your boss truly cares about your role at your job. They deserve a huge thanks for their effort.

Host a “Thank You” Meeting

Does the whole staff love your manager? Take the “thank you” a step further and invite the whole to say thank you! How do you do this? Host a meeting.

While your boss is working, let them know your team wants to come in and “ask a question” or think of another excuse. While you’re all together, you can all give a personalized thank you and explain why you appreciate your boss so much.

You’re all not limited to “thanks.” You can congratulate them on a recent accomplishment or you can even give a gift.

What if some of your team is new? Invite them to the meeting, anyway. This will help give them trust in their new boss and initiate excitement to work for the company.

Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

One in three professionals is on LinkedIn. If your boss is smart, he or she takes advantage of LinkedIn. The recommendation feature allows you to write a positive account of a professional, whether as a colleague or a client.

As their employee, you can write a positive recommendation, highlighting their great leadership skills and successes. This will help potential hires trust your boss and the business.

It will also look great on clients who are thinking about doing business with you.

Compliment Your Manager to Their Boss

Your boss likely oversees your team and has another boss over them. If you mainly work with your direct boss, tell their boss how great they are.

As a general rule, you don’t want to contact your boss’ superior. But they want to know their staff is doing a good job. Who better to hear it from than the ones their worker is managing?

Do you tell your boss “thanks” as well as their boss? This is up to you. Who knows — maybe the surprise “thank you” will be more memorable if it comes from their superior?

Give a Gift or a Reward

Who doesn’t love gifts? If you can’t think of a heartfelt thank you, giving a gift says “thanks” in many different thanks.

What are some great gift ideas? Think of things your boss could always use. This includes a new business card case, personalized pens, and a desk calendar.

If you really know your boss, look for a specific gift based on their interests. Is your boss a writer? A leather-case journal makes a perfect gift for a writer.

Do you see your boss drinking coffee or tea every day? Buy high-quality coffee or tea, complete with a cheesy “world’s best boss” mug.

Does your boss dabble in beer, wine, or spirits as a hobby? Buy your boss a complimentary tour, tasting, or a gift card to their favorite place to drink.

And, seriously, who will say no to chocolate?

If your boss deserves an award, don’t wait for someone else to reward them! A corporate reward will look great in their office, especially a crystal award. You can see more options here.

Are You Not Excited for Boss’ Day?

Boss appreciation day is celebrated by many businesses around the world. Do you notice the rest of your staff is excited, but you’re not? It’s time for you to start your own business. Here’s some advice you should know.


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