If you attend a festival or two religiously every year, 2020 was not a mood. Many of us were heartbroken to learn that EDC and Hard Summer were canceled and our tickets were voided or postponed. 

But it’s time to dry those tears, babe. Because the rave is back and it’s better than ever.

We don’t even need to tell you how important your outfit is for your rave. That’s why you need to check out these 12 styles before you buy those new rave clothes.

1. Mesh Anything

Let’s be real here, mesh is having a moment in general. This unique, see-through fabric has made it into all of our hearts and closets.

And rave wear is no exception.

Wearing anything mesh, from skirts to bralettes to booty shorts, is a good call at this year’s raves.

2. Matching Sets

Another clothing style that made its way into the mainstream this past year is the matching set. This style translates perfectly into the rave scene.

Try a matching bralette and booty shorts combo, or a mesh tank and mini skirt set. These are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and prints.

3. Kaleidoscope Glasses

An essential part of any rave experience is a pair of kaleidoscope glasses. They make all of those light shows and fun sets look extra trippy and elevate the overall vibe of the whole festival.

4. Fun Masks

Even though we are moving further away from the necessity of masks (BYE, ‘RONA), they have been a staple of the rave scene since before they were literally required in public spaces.

For a more fun take of the face mask, get yourself a beaded version with a Cheshire-cat-like grin beaded it.

5. Platform Boots

When you’re already rocking some high-cut booty shorts or a bodysuit, your legs seem to go on for miles. Why not play that up even more by adding a pair of platform boots?

A rave is a great time to go all out on your look and wear things that you wouldn’t necessarily wear in regular, everyday life. That’s why you can go all out in your choice of footwear with some reflective platform boots.

6. Pasties

Let’s be honest here, what other occasions do you have where it’s socially acceptable to wear pasties? Probably not all that many.

That’s why a rave is a perfect opportunity to break out the pasties and get a little bit risqué.

7. Light Toys

Does a light whip count as a part of your outfit? We think so.

If you’re an entertainer type, you want to put on a little show during the performance, even if it’s just for yourself.

If you’ve been practicing with your flow toys throughout quarantine (which was the perfect time to do so), now is the time to show off that skill set. If you’re more of a glover, go for that, too.

8. Pleather

Some of us just want to look a little extra classy and hip at the raves. If you’re into this shiny, fun material, you can find pleather in everything from shorts to mini skirts to bras.

We recommend pink for the Barbie vibes. 

9. Mini Skirts

Nothing is quite as cute as a good mini skirt. Seriously, think of one thing. We bet you can’t.

We recommend wearing some booty shorts underneath, though, for obvious reasons.

10. Leg Wraps

Another item of clothing that you can’t wear in regular daily life? Leg wraps.

We don’t know what it is about them, but they just add that extra layer of cool to any rave outfit. 

11. Fanny Packs

When you’re going to a festival, you’re going to have some stuff that you have to bring with you. Rave clothes aren’t exactly notorious for having pockets, so you need to outsource that carrying.

A fanny pack is great because, since it’s strapped to your body, it’s impossible to lose, and all of your stuff is easy to access.

12. Bodysuits

Last but not least, the bodysuit has been a staple of rave fashion since, well, forever. This essential item of clothing needs no further explanation, to be honest.

It’s Time to Rave

The rave is back. Greet it with open arms and a new outfit.