Britney Spears Goes Deeply Depressed: “I’m Not Dead Yet.”

Britney Spears is going through a very difficult time during this period, according to a source close to her.

Britney Spears Goes Deeply Depressed

As Britney was recently seen driving her car alone in the streets of Los Angeles, after news emerged indicating a failed intervention that some of those close to her tried to do with the aim of relieving her.

As usual, Britney considers “Instagram” her best to communicate with the outside world and the surrounding community, and one of her videos, which she published, drew attention after she appeared in it and sent a message to more than 41 million people who follow her by saying: “I’m still alive.”

Following the mysterious post in which she declared that she was alive and well, had not passed away, and was taking medication for depression; anxiety began to build amongst those closest to Britney.

Britney described her condition and what she is going through by saying that she had heard news indicating that she was about to die, and that she actually almost died, with a number of doctors in her house, stressing that this matter is not true at all.

And she added that she is only taking medication for depression, describing herself as a very boring person, and that what she hears from the news frustrates her more, because it is worse than any harsh talk she might get.

The international star added that she is making a great effort to improve through prayer and treatment, but the wrong things people say about her affect her, calling for an end to this drama, and confirming that she will change the topic, then she started talking about wearing diamond dresses and unconventional outfits.