“He became aggressive and difficult to communicate with.” Bruce Willis’ mother talks about developments in his health condition

Bruce Willis
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Marilyn Willis, the mother of world actor Bruce Willis, quoting a recent interview with her cousin, spoke about the details of her son’s health in the current period after his health deteriorated due to frontotemporal dementia.

On February 24, 2023, the Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported that Bruce Willis’ mother started to feel the effects of his illness after noticing a drastic change in her son’s behavior and attitude towards those around him.

She became unsure if Willis still remembered her, and could recognize her–which greatly frightened her.

Difficulties faced by the family with Bruce Willis

According to the same source, the star’s mother revealed that he has become increasingly aggressive and unmanageable in his behaviors’, making it difficult for her to have a normal conversation with him.

Bruce Willis’s mother’s cousin further commented, noting that Marilyn is struggling to support her granddaughters during this trying time; however, she has faith in the strength of their familial bond and believes they can get through it together.

The family explains the details of his health condition 

Bruce Willis celebrates Christmas with his family
Bruce Willis with his family / Instagram

In the middle of February 2023, Bruce Willis’ family released an updated statement to share that his health had sadly declined in recent months.

The Willis family, composed of Emma (Willis’ current wife), Demi Moore (his ex-wife), and daughters Rumer, Tallulah, Mabel and Evelyn have all signed an expression of thanks for the immense amounts of love that has been extended to Bruce in these past 10 months. In light of this outpouring, they wanted to share a more detailed update on his health now that there is clarity regarding his condition.

With this diagnosis, we feel a mixture of pain and relief. It is hard to comprehend how such an unknown disease can affect anyone. Unfortunately, there are no cures for this affliction yet – however, it is our wish that the media attention will bring more understanding and research so that one day soon there may be hope for those afflicted with it.

At the end of 202, Bruce Willis and his family made an announcement: loss of speech was merely a sign of this rare and malignant illness. They also pointed out that Bruce had always used his voice to aid others, raising understanding for essential matters both in public as well as private spheres.

They argued that he would have been one of the first to bring attention to this exhausting illness, which has a devastating effect on countless people and their loved ones.