Whether you have been wanting to add resale value to your home, get rid of outdated decor, or make some renovations, you don’t have to break the bank to see successful results. 

There are plenty of cost-effective options that can make your home look expensive and up-to-date while remaining budget-friendly. You won’t have to worry about hiring a contractor since most of these projects will be done by you, the homeowner. With simple DIY projects, quick updates, or easy renovations, you can begin to transform the entire look of your home. 

By just switching up the paint, replacing an old light fixture, installing an electric fireplace, or changing out the hardware in your kitchen, you will be one step closer to making your home look expensive without spending too much. 

With these inexpensive tips and tricks, you can begin to turn your home into the savvy, chic, and aesthetically pleasing space of your dreams while staying on budget.  


If you want to switch up the look of your home, you may need to do some re-painting. To make your home look more elegant and expensive, the paint you choose should be a neutral shade to maintain a classy, chic look. 

White, beige, or grey are perfect neutral tones for your home, giving you the option to add pops of color with decor or maintain a minimalistic, simple style in this space. For an expensive look without going over budget, start your transformation by changing up the paint to give your home a much-needed refresh.  

DIY Built-In Shelving 

Make Your Home Look

In many expensive home interiors, you will see built-in shelving throughout a living room or kitchen space. This look is creative, innovative, and perfect for storage. Typically, building this type of shelving is costly, but there are many budget-friendly ways to recreate this look in your home. 

  1. Measure the free space you have in your living room and get a good idea of where you want the shelving to go. 
  2. Look for inexpensive bookshelves online. Make sure these bookshelves are tall enough to reach close to the ceiling and create the proper “built-in” look. 
  3. Be sure you have enough shelving to fit the desired space, add to your cart, and make an order! 
  4. Set up the shelves, side by side, all together, making it look like one large built-in shelving unit. 
  5. Now, get to decorating

This trick will make people think you had professional built-in shelving installed in your home when, in reality, you did the entire project yourself and only spent a quarter of the price. This DIY will be the focal point of your living room space, making your home appear more savvy and chic. 

Update Lighting 

To bring a more expensive and elegant style to your home, you have to make sure the lighting is not outdated. Pay attention to the light fixtures in your kitchen, living room, and bedroom, to see what needs to be exchanged for something more unique and modern.

Find a hanging fixture for your kitchen, a floor lamp for your living room, and switch out bedroom lighting for bedside wall lights, making this space feel like a luxury hotel. These quick and easy updates can bring a more modern, classy, and expensive look to your home without going over your set budget. 

Add a Kitchen Backsplash 

To make your kitchen space look more up-to-date, add a backsplash to bring in some extra style and elegance. With a backsplash, you can add a pop of color or stay within the neutral color palette, depending on the look you want in your kitchen. This touch of detail can help your home look more aesthetically pleasing with an expensive style. 

This is a simple DIY project you can take on, with options to keep things budget-friendly. 

  • Use self-adhesive tiles for an easy DIY  
  • Create a mosaic with broken tiles, for an eclectic look 
  • Use peel and stick bricks, for a classy style 

Install an Electric Fireplace 

To bring a modern, chic, and expensive style to your living room or bedroom space, install an electric fireplace insert. With no contractor required, this is an easy and cost-effective installation process. 

The simple addition of an electric fireplace makes any room look more classy, cozy, and welcoming. It is practical for cooler months, but it will bring an expensive aesthetic to your home all year round. 

Why Invest in an Electric Fireplace? 

  • They’re the perfect size for smaller spaces 
  • They are a safer option, with no gas emissions or fumes 
  • They are easy-to-use, with remote control 
  • Since they only use a small amount of electricity, this is a more eco-friendly option 
  • There are different designs and styles to choose from, to match the look of your home 


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