There is all kinds of choice when you are looking for Google AdWords management services. From sole trader freelancers to the biggest marketing agencies, it is a buyers’ market.

This is a good thing as you have plenty of choice. It also makes it difficult to choose the best option for your business needs and budget. But investing a little time on the right hire will ensure your products stand out right at the top of relevant searches.

In this short article we outline how to find the best Google AdWords consultant to drive your lead generation forwards.

Why outsource Google AdWords management?

Running Google Ads is both complex and time-consuming. Getting some campaigns live at is easy enough to do, but do not be fooled. A quick search on how to setup campaigns and keywords will give you some useful tips.

But making your campaigns successful is about much more than that. Google’s searches run on a complex algorithm. This dictates what search results are prioritized and what the engine is looking for. Keeping up to date with the algorithm can be like quicksand – as soon as you have got to grips with the changes then it moves again. A good AdWords consultant will be able to assist with that.

Secondly, there is the ongoing time and care that successful campaigns require to run. A small tweak here or there can optimize your budget. If something is not right, it can quickly become expensive as you get a bunch of clicks with no interest in your product. Similarly, if a particular keyword is hot, you need to be agile to focus your budget on it. Not doing so risks your competitors getting the upper hand and stealing some qualified leads from you.

Just like a good engine, your Google AdWords campaigns need regular check-ups, fuel, and oil. Without specialist training and the time to focus on it, you are unlikely to be able to do this fully for yourself.

How to budget for an AdWords management agency

When you begin thinking about Google AdWords campaigns you will have some kind of budget in mind. Good agencies will look at that budget and propose a split between the amount that goes on the AdWords and the amount that goes on their fees.

If the agency is open about this then that is fine – that is how you pay for the service provided. Always ask for a breakdown of the split between AdWords budget and agency fees to ensure you are happy with how it is being split out.

What if I have a marketing team?

Many companies that have an in-house marketing team also use an outsourced Google AdWords consultant. This is because the marketing team is already too small or overstretched, or because they do not have the skills in-house to run AdWords.

This is nothing to be ashamed of. In the same way that graphic design is a specialized skill, marketing generalists may struggle to quickly get up to speed on AdWords. The time and cost of training for them may also be false economy. In this scenario, they still need to find time to run campaigns on a regular basis.

In short, not only can an AdWords management consultant improve your campaign results, but they can also save your staff’s time and resource that can be deployed elsewhere.

What to look for in your AdWords management agency

A professional AdWords consultant will have a clearly defined way of working. Fitting this to your business as best you can mean your campaigns have the best chance to succeed.

The first step is to find a company you can partner with and achieve success together. This starts with being able to work with that person or firm. Send a short overview of your goals and budget to a few companies.

See what responses you get back, and then arrange to speak to a few in more detail. Treat the process like an interview.

One of the most important things to get straight when you are bringing your chosen consultant on board is to establish who does what. Knowing what to expect of one another is vital to a successful relationship. Be clear on timescales, deliverables, and key metrics.

Agree frequency of reports, and ideally a weekly or fortnightly check-in call. Even if this is brief, it is important to establish a regular pattern of reviews and catch-ups. This cadence helps to ensure everything is on track and performing.


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