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Cooling Towers

What is Purpose of Cooling Towers in Thermal Power Plants?

A cooling system contributes vital role in working of thermal power station that rejects heat to the atmosphere by cooling of a water stream...
trading Online using risk management

How to start trading Online using risk management

Understanding Risk Before you place your first trade, you need to have a good understanding of risk. When you place a trade, you are immediately...
SWOT Analysis

The Best Way To Do Successful SWOT Analysis [6 Foolproof Tips 2019]

SWOT analysis is a powerful and highly-effective technique to evaluate the competitive position of your company or project. This analytical technique helps identify and define...

Best Trading Strategies on Expert Option

When Trading on expert option like Forex is similar to gambling if you trade based on luck. However, if you’re a follower...
Diverse Workforce

The Benefits (and Challenges) of a Diverse Workforce

As the world has become increasingly more globalized over the past several decades, people naturally have begun to interact more with people whose background...

Reasons Why Most Startups Fail

The process of taking a startup from an entry level idea to a global business is much similar to running a long marathon. Everyone...
Qualities of a Good Resume

Qualities of a Good Resume

Resume is a very important professional document, which can help you grab great opportunities. If a resume is well-created, then half of the interviewer’s...
Best Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits

Best Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits

Charities and nonprofits rely heavily on donations to adequately fund their day to day activities. And as non-profit, you will always be searching for...

Top 5 Careers Working From Home

In today’s difficult economic climate, it’s not surprising to learn that the number of people working from home has risen dramatically in the past...
Mutual Funds to Invest

Top 5 Best Liquid Mutual Funds to Invest for 2019.

If you have surplus money in your account and do not wish to invest in fixed deposits, liquid mutual funds are an excellent option....

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