If you have finally reached the age when you can obtain a provisional license, you will already know that this allows you to ride bikes up to 125cc, which is for safety reasons; it is irresponsible to allow a young and inexperienced rider that much power and this means you have to gradually acquire the riding skills that lead to the coveted class ‘A’ license that permits you to ride all bikes. You probably know all this, so we have put together a checklist for those who are planning to buy their first bike in the UK.

  • Legalities – Wherever you are in the world, you must follow the law in every regard and riding a motorcycle in the UK requires that you have a valid licence for the bike you are riding. The bike must be taxed and insured, while if it is older than 3 years, the bike also requires an annual MOT test. The wearing of a crash helmet is compulsory, for obvious reasons, so make sure you always wear this item.
  • Protective Clothing & Equipment – You can shop for motorbike clothing at Wheels Motorcycles, who also sell new and used bikes and have attractive finance packages, which helps to spread the payment over a few years. You will need a leather motorcycle jacket, which offers the best skin protection in the event of a tumble and leather pants are also recommended, while thick denim jeans will offer a degree of protection, leather is the best. The most important item regarding protection is your crash helmet, which should be the full-face version and it should be a good fit. Leather motorcycle gloves are also necessary and with boots that offer ankle support, you are equipped to face the elements.
  • Basic Riding Tuition – If this is to be your very first time on a motorcycle, booking a short course on basic riding skills is a wise move, as this will provide the foundation to develop your skills as you get more riding experience. A Google search will help you locate a local venue for bike training and the course would be 3-4 hours and often held during the weekends, when you are invited to ride around a course while an expert evaluates your riding techniques.
  • Bike Maintenance – All vehicles require regular maintenance and if you buy a new bike, the dealer would likely hand the first few services for free, which is included in the sale price usually. The servicing would take place at specified mileage intervals, with the garage adding the details to the maintenance section of the owner’s manual. Here are a few tips if you decide to buy a salvage motorcycle.

Of course, once you take delivery of your new bike, you will want to ride it all the time, but it is important to check the current Covid-19 updates in the UK, as you might run into trouble. You should always be very focused when riding and regarding other road users, never assume anything and have the greatest respect for the power you have access to.

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