It can be quite annoying when you travel abroad and then suddenly realize that some of the websites that you usually access back in your home country are unavailable. Also, many workplaces prevent you from accessing social media websites and the list goes on. Well, as people in China have proved, and even in countries as strict as Iran, you can easily bypass government or local network proxy servers restricting access to certain IP addresses or websites by using VPN software.

. Access Any Website You Want from Your Work Wi-Fi

Many office network IT teams are told as a policy to restrict the use of access to websites such as Facebook or YouTube – well most social media sites. You can bypass these restrictions using VPN software, but you do not want to do this by installing VPN software on your work computer. You can instead have the application on a USB thumb drive and open it from here. Then you will create a secure VPN tunnel that is untraceable to a VPN server that will pull up all the websites you want to look at.

. Bypass Download Restrictions at Work

Ok so maybe we are sounding a little immoral telling you how to do this. Most work networks restrict what can be downloaded via the office network. They want the work connection to remain as fast as possible without employees downloading their music and videos clogging up the system.

Well, a VPN can bypass this, and not only that, it will not clog up the bandwidth on the work network either. You will be using the bandwidth designated to you by the VPN software. Your download may be slower than if you were able to make the same download via your work network, but all the same, you will still be able to make the downloads you want.

. Get on Social Media in Countries That Restrict Access

Many middle eastern countries and most well-known of all China are renowned for restricting access to social media. The country even has its very own search engine that is government controlled and censored. Essentially, this is the Chinese version of Google, but there is no freedom of opinion allowed. As in if I wrote this blog in China and tried to publish it, I’d probably get in quite a bit of trouble. The way people in China are able to access Facebook, Instagram, and Google is by using VPN software.

France has its very own version of Netflix, news, and sporting sites and when they want to get onto these sites from abroad they type in qu est ce qu une connexion VPN.

. Downloading Torrent Files

Torrents have long been frowned upon because they do breach every copyright law out there, plus the movie stars, singers and other producers and book writers are cheated out of their royalties they would earn if people had to actually go out there and purchase these items. That said, they earn millions if not billions, so many of do not feel overly guilty about stealing a few dollars off them by using a torrent to download their artwork.

Literally, if you have an issue accessing any website anywhere be it a geo-restricted website or that your local network or ISP prevents you from accessing the site with an error, then look into VPN software because this will always get you around the problem. France is one of the best places to do this as their restrictions on torrents are not enforced – try typing in vpn qu’est ce que c’est and use Google translate to get a VPN that has a server in France.


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