According to Deloitte Travel and Hospitality Outlook 2019, in the US, the hospitality industry’s gross bookings crossed 800 Billion Dollars. More than 61% of the bookings were done through calls. Rapid integration with technology is playing a key role in revolutionizing the industry’s growth. You don’t want to miss out on tapping those customers, do you?

According to a recent survey, more than 40% of people book their travel services by calling. With the complexity in price differences due to peak times and availability, customers prefer calling over all other mediums. If you do not have a proper call tracking mechanism to optimize your call leads, then you are going to lose out on many potential leads.

How Can Call Tracking Benefit Your Travel And Hospitality Firm?

Are you reaching out to your customers? Many businesses realize that they have a larger customer base than they are aware of, and can tailor their strategies accordingly – all with the help of a reliable call tracking software.

Know Your Caller’s Location:

Travel and Hospitality is deeply integrated in different regions, locations, and various branches with customers of different dialects and requirements. With call trackings Software in your hands, you can track the geo-locations of your callers and assign the right agents to each one. The software will reroute the calls to specific branches and agents as per the geographic data. In this way, you can make every caller turn into your customer.

For example, Grand Lucayan Luxury Hotels of Bahamas used traditional print media as well as online and TV ads to target customers. They focused mainly on Atlanta and North Carolina because Atlanta is where most flights depart to the Bahamas.

However, after using call tracking for a while, they realized that most of the northeastern USA and even some parts of Florida were performing great in terms of advertisements, compared to Atlanta. They reorganized their marketing strategy to focus on high performing areas with the help of geo-locations of the callers.

Call Monitoring

Understand Your Customer’s Unique Needs:

Nowadays people are simply not interested in generic vacation holiday packages. They are looking for more customized and DIY plans to have a memorable, unique experience according to their interests and tastes. With call tracking in place, you can use data analytics to understand those needs better.

You can identify keywords related to your customers’ queries. You can redirect the calls to specific agents to serve them better. Keywords such as price inquiry, availability, offers, travel packages and so on will be categorized. You can then train and equip your staff to meet the needs of the day.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Staff:

Travel and hospitality businesses require skilled agents to guide and educate customers on buying your services. Call tracking allows you to identify the skilled and unskilled staff members of yours using the call recording option. You can train them to improve communication skills which will in turn generate higher revenues.

Club Corp is a resort chain that has over 150 different business operations and has integrated call tracking into their core systems. Almost 750 unique numbers were given to different streams and departments. With call data analytics they were able to drive their staff to focus on the busiest locations and specific departments. This way, they were able to increase the productivity of their staff.

Similarly, Gerald Tires wanted to improve their staff performance. They opted for call tracking services to have a look. They found out that most of their staff didn’t do closing lead calls properly. Only 11% of calls converted into bookings. They trained their staff well to manage their calls effectively.

Marketing Becomes Easy:

With call tracking in place, you will know which type of marketing campaigns are producing the best results. Your marketing department will be well equipped with data coming from different sources. Call tracking helps you to identify the online and offline sources of the calls. You can arrange wide levels of tracking like ‘Keyword Level Tracking,’ ‘Campaign Level Tracking,’ and/or ‘Multi-channel Attribution Tracking.’

Marquis Dental Spa is another firm which integrated with call tracking software to improve their marketing efforts. They were able to know which ads were giving them the best ROI. They were able to cut costs by 50% after knowing their high performance sources. They were able to completely optimize their marketing staff.

Need more reasons to get call tracking? Discover new and creative ways to use call data analytics to improve your ROI, CRM and your overall revenue.


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