When you are going camping, it is always a great idea to carry the best camping equipment. Technology has anyway advanced and there are different types of equipment and essentials people are carrying with themselves. This has made their camping experience a lot more fun and exciting. Plus, they are easy to carry and very affordable. If you are wondering which camping equipment you should carry in 2019, here is a quick list that should help.

1. Talon 22 Backpacks

Talon 22 Backpacks are something you can carry around with you whenever you go hiking or fishing with friends. You can carry around 20 liters in these backpacks. They are smart to look at, come with an awesome shoulder strap and have a huge mesh panel that makes traveling easy and relaxing. You are able to heat things up at a faster pace and start your day early. So if you want an awesome and cool backpack, this is where you should look.

2. Camp Lights

The next thing that comes to mind is camp lights. Having good camp lights provide several features. A good design is one of them. Basel Lantern is definitely an idea for those who don’t want to leave their phones just like that. They are available in a flat form which makes packing very easy. You could use the app on your Smartphone so that the light can be controlled. You will, however, require Bluetooth for this one. You may also get some string lights alongside if you want to be better prepared with your camp lights.

3. Food Flask

Another camping essential that has become highly popular these days is called a food flask. This is something you can carry regardless of whatever weather you are traveling with. It comes with a nice water bottle. Not just that, you can keep your ice cream inside this. Plus, it is easy to clean and will last you for a very period of time. Most people who travel find it easy to carry food flasks.

4. Coleman Camping Equipment

If you want a double camping cot, you should definitely try something from Coleman. They come with springs and are not too bulky. You may also use them as a hammock and they will last you for a longer period of time. If you are worried about storage space, don’t worry because that will be taken care of as well. If you want better storage space, you could get hold of the compacts. Suggest this to your friends and I am sure they will love it.

Last Minute Camping Tips

And before we end the post, here are some last minute camping tips you can take away.

1. Create a checklist

Here are a few things you should mark off your checklist when it comes to camping. This reduces panic & definitely makes the experience a fun and exciting one.

  1. A tent that is easy to assemble into
  2. Sleeping bags as well as ground pads
  3. A lighter that works
  4. Some food
  5. Some granola and fruit leathers are also a good idea
  6. Toothbrush, toothpaste and of course some sunscreen

2. Camp in your car

Now, this may come as a less authentic piece of advice, but that is something that you may consider. Your kids will also like the idea. You could pick a car for tenting. If you don’t like using tents, you can use the mess of the poles for your homes. Camping inside your car is, in fact, a cool idea a lot of families have adopted.

3. Expenses matter

And before anything else, do not forget the expenses. You may have to plan things from beforehand if you want to enjoy traveling. Make sure you have a list of equipment that you want to carry. Know where you are going. And no matter what, always carry extra money because you never know when and where you may need it.

With that, we will conclude the article. Let us know your feedback and questions in the comments below. We will make a full effort to get back to you on this. On that note, good luck and happy camping to all of you.

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