The long and arduous winter has said its goodbyes and spring is in the air, which is the time to start thinking about those amazing camping adventures you enjoy every summer. The Outback beckons for those that love the natural beauty of the wilderness and there’s enough space for us all to get away from everything, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure that your outdoor camping experience is remembered for all the right reasons.

  • Check for travel restrictions – The Covid crisis is still with us here in Australia and prior to planning any camping adventure, do check with the State website regarding travel restrictions. We must understand that travel restrictions could come into play at any time, so if you have an Internet connection, do check daily to ensure that you aren’t on the receiving end of a large fine.
  • Check your camping gear – It is always wise to inspect your tent, sleeping bags, awning and perhaps invest in one of those handy single swags from Australia’s leading canvas company. Clean whatever needs it and check things like your solar blanket and storage battery, looking for signs of corrosion. You might be planning to add a few handy gadgets to your collection; check out the amazing range of camping accessories from the online supplier, where you can find everything from 10-men tents to zip ties. We now have the technology to maintain our online connection when in remote places, with USB power banks and solar blankets, plus your digital camera can always be recharged, ready for another day of action.
  • Google Earth – It is now possible to take a close-up look at a remote part of the Outback, even to the point of choosing your campsite; a few hours will actually familiarise you with the terrain and you can find the trails for some serious hiking. There are many ways that digital tech is helping the camper and with a little planning, you should be able to enjoy satellite Internet connection. There are apps (subscription only) when you can set up a rescue automatically if you haven’t signed in for a specified period of time. Here’s some information about finding covid-safe hotels when travelling, which makes sense.
  • Mozzie Protection – Whether you use a spray, a cream, wristband or a patch, make sure you have more than enough mozzie protection in your bag, along with a comprehensive first aid kit. You simply can’t afford to be complacent regarding these tiny vampires that are disease-carriers and if you have yet to try the mozzie wristbands, we recommend you buy a pack, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Sun Protection – While you will be avoiding the strong sunlight around mid-morning, it is often the case where you have no choice but to trek through open ground. A wide-brimmed hat is recommended, with a high-grade sunblock cream that you apply to exposed areas; stay hydrated when temperatures soar and with quality canvas shading, you can relax.
  • UTE Tents – Why not make best use of your truck and invest in a UTE tent, made by Australia’s leading canvas maker? A Google search will take you to the website, where you can browse their extensive tent and swag catalogue and choose one that ticks all your boxes. They have custom packs designed specifically for your UTE, with zips and windows in all the right places and are very affordable. Online shopping empowers the consumer, allowing you to compare prices and products and shopping at your own pace, you can make informed purchases that are top-notch.

Sadly, the pandemic is still with us and prior to planning a camping trip, do check regarding travel restrictions in Australia, as things can change in an instant. Typically, there are more restrictions in urban areas and perhaps the best place to spend your summer is a remote wilderness location, away from everything and everyone.

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