Many people know that dogs increase happiness, but did you know that they also improve their owner’s fitness and health?

Dogs are great for getting a smile on your face and nothing gets them more excited than going out into the wilderness to explore.

The next time you have a camping trip planned, you should consider changing things up and bring them along for the ride. 

Continue reading if you want to learn the best tips for camping with dogs so that you can be happy and fit with your pup! 

1. Do Your Research

While you prepare for the trip and view more hammock straps for yourself, you might want to start gathering information for your pup.

When taking dogs on a camping trip, you must check camping locations to ensure that dogs are welcome. You will likely discover dog leash requirements. As long as your leash is 6 feet long, you should be in the clear.

Some locations have barking ordinances, update yourself on these if it applies to you. ALWAYS bring doggy bags and clean up after your furry loved one. Neglecting to clean up after them could result in hefty fines and angered neighbors.

You should also know which bugs/insects and animals are in the wildness where you will be camping. Be sure to get your dog medication and guards against fleas and ticks. 

2. Know Your Dog

Nobody knows your dog better than you. 

You know what are they comfortable with. Do your best to avoid putting them in a situation where they feel threatened or attacked. Aggressive dogs should avoid camping. Try isolating them or closely monitoring them if you must. Make this call at your discretion. 

If your pup likes to run free and wild when they get to let loose from their leash, make sure you have something to get them back with. Otherwise, you may end up lost in the wood. Most importantly, be sure that your dog has an up-to-date collar on, with your phone number to contact. 

3. Pack the Bag for Your Pup

Packing for yourself can get overwhelming, let alone the dogs too. Luckily there are many packing tips for taking your dog camping to lighten the load! 

Make sure to pack plenty of dog food and treats, along with the food and water bowls. Many campers recommend collapsable bowls to increase space for packing. Leashes, stakes, and tethers are recommended for when your pup has to go outside of the tent to keep them close by. 

Another item that some people overlook is a dog first-aid kit. This kit should have necessities like allergy medications, bandages, medical tape, and eyewash. Depending on the terrain that you are headed to, it is best to be prepared for every situation. 

Although there is plenty to keep your furry ones busy while out in the wild, it’s never a bad idea to grab some dog toys and towels for swimming! 

4. Prepare for Every Scenario

JUST IN CASE your dog gets loose while you are distracted setting up the tent or making food, you should be prepared for a search. 

Many people recommend carrying a current photo of your dog with you. Photos on cell phones are okay but keep in mind that you might not have service or power to restore your battery. If your furry loved one were to get free, you can display this photo to others in the area to see if they have spotted them.

Another tip for camping with your dog is to bring their medical information and vet records.

If something were to happen and you need to get emergency medical help, you will have these documents for the vet.

5. Protect Their Pads

Although dog’s paws are made for walking around and exploring, rough terrain and hot or cold days can damage their paws.

If you are planning to go camping you may want to consider getting your furry pal some booties or paw protectant. Booties are perfect for muddy and rough terrains because they offer full coverage. Mud won’t get between their paws and you can walk calmly, knowing the rocks and twigs won’t stab them.

Paw protectant can also be beneficial for wet areas and warm summer days. This protectant is often made with natural ingredients and oils that help strengthen paws and provide a seal for protection.  

6. Keep Water Close

Dogs should be drinking 1 ounce of water for every pound that they weigh, every day. 

When you go camping with dogs and they are in the heat or being active, they will likely require more water to keep hydrated. Wherever you decide to go, be sure to research the area and look for local water springs. It is good to know these locations in case you’re out and your doggo needs a sip of water.

Another good tip for taking dogs camping is to always carry a collapsable water bowl and water bottle. Take a break and give them water if you notice they are panting or slowing down. 

7. Practice Camping

For big camping trips, it may be a good idea to practice camping before the real thing. This will allow a chance to expose your dog to similar scenarios they may encounter in the woods.

Start by taking your dog on longer walks a couple of weeks ahead. This will build their muscles, strengthen their paws, and make them more responsive.

For the most beneficial practice, you can take them hiking through your local forest to see how they do on the terrain and around nature. Always encourage them to be on their best behavior and surprise them with a treat when they do well!

Have Fun Camping With Dogs 

Many people are intimidated by the idea of camping with dogs. 

Not only do they have themselves and packing to worry about, but they also have their dogs! Fortunately, there are many tips for camping with dogs that can make it feel like a walk in the park. 

By preparing your dogs for camping, even before you leave, you can set yourself up for success and a happy weekend of camping. Always keep extra water on you while out with your dogs and don’t forget to protect their paws.  Be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more articles about camping with your furry loved ones and other recreational activities!

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