The pandemic came as a bitter surprise for everyone; it was unexpected and unwanted. The changes brought in by the pandemic thrashed down the economies and livelihoods of people. The normal routines were bidden goodbye as everyone had to stay inside.

Despite all these things happening, e-commerce managed to grow and make a place at the top for itself. In his recent interview, Can Mandir discussed the situation and described e-commerce’s future.

The effects of the pandemic on e-commerce

The pandemic brought in a surprisingly good turn of events for e-commerce. The sales surged, and so did the consumers. Consequently, the people associated with the e-commerce industry profited from all that. Since the offline world was shut off, the online world gained an advantage. Consumers shifted to online markets as offline markets were restricted.

Along with that, consumers realized the greater benefit was to shop online because of the wide option available. People who already had online stores witnessed extreme growth, whereas the people who failed to do so found it difficult to make it out. Therefore, all the aforementioned circumstances lead to the growth of e-commerce in 2020.

Many sellers still were worried about shipping restrictions. However, Can Mandir also claimed, “There are not that many restrictions on shipping terms or policies.”

The condition of dropshipping

Dropshipping is a part of e-commerce that gained advantages, too. Dropshipping influences direct selling without the need to maintain inventories. It is a comparatively less risky venture which is why many people have migrated towards dropshipping. Can Mandir is one of such people who have found dropshipping to be a success.

The condition of dropshipping in the pandemic was the best to date. The shift in consumer behavior that was brought in by the pandemic raised the potential of dropshipping. Can Mandir believe there is a lot of future for new dropshippers during the pandemic. His presence of mind and market knowledge has allowed him to make the decision.

Moreover, Can Mandir claimed that “People’s mindset is often the biggest barrier. It has never been easier to shop or sell online.” Thus, new dropshippers shouldn’t let their mindset stop them.

Crypto and its role

While cryptocurrency has found its way to the news and popular discussion, it still hasn’t been introduced to the real world. People are aware of crypto, yet its dealing is still a concept of the future. Can Mandir, too, addresses that the e-commerce of today doesn’t include crypto. However, the future of e-commerce seems inclusive of Crypto. Therefore, dropshippers and other e-commerce agents should take the time to understand crypto.

Moreover, he talked of Elon Musk and the influence he has on the audience. The avid interest that Musk has shown towards crypto points towards success in the future. Therefore, the future for crypto seems positive.

The future of e-commerce

Since the growth of e-commerce has been heavily influenced by Covid, many people expect e-commerce to fall once the pandemic wears off. In addressing these concerns, Can Mandir says that the future for crypto is positive. Moreover, he also claimed that e-commerce would continue to grow even after the pandemic has passed.

There are several reasons why Can Mandir believes so; below are some of them:

  • Consumer behavior has changed drastically, and it has been in favor of e-commerce.
  • The advantages of shopping online are too great to let go of, and they are far more than those of offline shopping.
  • The world is busy, which is why home deliveries are becoming more and more preferable.

Aside from this, crypto is also set to hold a place in the future of e-commerce. Therefore, the agents of e-commerce should prepare for the future.


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