Raw shea butter is commonly used as an ingredient for skincare products. But did you know that raw shea butter has many uses? It can also be used to treat dry and damaged hair.

If you have damaged and dry hair due to overprocessing and overuse of chemicals and bleach products, shea butter can help. Those who have lifeless and frizzy hair due to pollutants and antioxidants can also go ahead and try the many benefits of raw shea butter.

Benefits of Raw Shea Butter to Your Hair

So, what makes raw shea butter a great treatment for damaged and dry hair? Here are some of the benefits that you can get if you opt for this hair treatment:

It Seals Moisture in Your Hair

The emollient properties of raw shea butter deliver moisture in the hair and seal it there. Because of this, the moisturizing effects last for a long time. It’s particularly beneficial for black hair, especially if you have kinky and bendy hair.

Our hair produces natural sebum to keep it naturally hydrated. But in the case of black, kinky, and bendy hair, the sebum doesn’t slide on the surface of the hair easily, hence the persistent dryness. Using shea butter can help with that.

It Helps Treat Damaged and Irritated Scalp

As mentioned above, raw shea butter works in hydrating the skin. That includes your scalp. The scalp is actually very sensitive. It’s thinner than the rest of our skin, which is why it can get dehydrated and irritated easily.

Exposing your scalp to the sun can also strip away its natural oils. It’s not unheard of for the scalp to get sunburnt when exposed to the sun without protection.  It also has anti-inflammatory benefits and can soothe sensitivity and redness.

Shea Butter Protects You From Heat

Do you like using a flat or curling iron to style your hair? A thin coating of shea butter can prevent heat damage. It serves as a protective barrier against heat. That way, you don’t have to deal with dry and fried-up hair strands due to repetitive heat styling.

It Protects You From the Sun’s UV Rays

The sun can cause rapid aging. It damages the hair follicles and strands and causes them to become brittle and dry. Furthermore, too much sun exposure gets rid of your hair’s natural shine and luster.

Shea butter also has intrinsic sun-protective benefits. It acts as a shield against UV rays. Moreover, it has a similar effect to the sunscreen products you can buy out there. If you are often outdoors, using raw shea butter in your hair can minimize sun damage.

Will Raw Shea Butter Work for All Hair Types?

It can work for all hair types and almost all hair conditions. However, you need to know how to use it properly. Shea butter can become greasy if you use too much of it.

If you have thin and limp hair, to begin with, it’s best to use just a small amount of shea butter. Melt it on your hands first. The heat from your palms will melt the shea butter to make it easier to spread. Comb your fingers through your hair, making sure you massage the butter lightly on your scalp.

For those with loose and fine hair, consider something lighting such as shea oil. A small drop of it can go a long way in hydrating your hair.

People with thick and curly hair can experiment with how much shea butter their hair can hold. This treatment best works for people with curly and thick hair or those that are more prone to hair dryness.

How to Use Raw Shea Butter for Your Hair

There are different ways to incorporate raw shea butter in your hair care routine. Here are some of the methods you can try:

Direct Approach

You can use the raw shea directly from the tub. Just cut or scoop a small amount of the butter using a small spatula and put it on your palms. Rub your palms together to melt the butter and make it easier to spread.

Apply the shea butter on your hair. Focus on the areas that need more care. For instance, if you have dry ends, work the butter more on these dry areas. Use your fingers to gently massage your scalp and allow the shea to penetrate deeply for a more effective hydrating effect.

You can do this every night before going to sleep or after washing and drying your hair at night. That way, you can wake up to great and rejuvenated hair in the morning.

Add a Small Portion of It To Your Hair Mist

Do you have a favorite hair mist product? You can get shea butter in oil form and put a few drops of it in your mist. Mix it well before spraying all over your hair.

Mix It With Other Oils

What’s great about shea butter is that it’s natural and can be used with other natural oils as well. For instance, you can combine it with avocado oil or coconut oil.

Incorporate the butter with other oils. Work at room temperature to make sure the butter is easier to mix with the other oils.

Add It To Your Conditioner

You can also mix a small amount of the product in your conditioner. Put its melted form in your conditioner bottle. You can also transfer your conditioner in a separate bottle to make the shea butter easier to mix in.

Storage Tips for Your Raw Shea Butter

If you are using unrefined or raw shea butter, make sure you store it in an airtight container. Excess air and moisture can spoil the butter and cause molds to appear. Usually, raw shea butter lasts for as long as 2 years. However, keep on checking it to see if there are unusual discolorations or if it’s starting to give off a pungent and acidic smell. If this is the case, you might have to throw it away.

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