Canada.. A shooting kills people in the suburbs of Toronto

Canada A shooting kills people in the suburbs of Toronto
Police are working to determine the motives behind the killing (Reuters)

In a tragic event, Canadian police reported that five individuals had been fatally shot and one individual wounded in the Toronto suburbs on Sunday night.

In a press conference, Chief Jim McSwain of the local police department detailed that an exchange of gunfire with security personnel had happened in a residential building and led to the suspect’s death.

McSwain reported to the Canadian press that when police officers arrived at the site of a Sunday evening shooting, they were greeted by an appalling and devastating scene with multiple fatalities.

The police are striving to uncover the reasons behind this murder as well as any connection between the victims and perpetrator, whose identity is still unknown.

Law enforcement personnel have concluded that the shooting was perpetrated by one individual, and the casualties were scattered across multiple flats within a Vaughn building located approximately 30 kilometers north of Toronto.

Evacuation of the population

In the evening, dozens of ambulances and police officers were seen at the scene as all residents of the building had to be evacuated immediately, according to Canadian news outlets.

As a result of the recent surge in violent acts, Canadian authorities have finally taken action and passed laws on owning handguns.

In April 2020, a man impersonating an officer committed one of Canada’s most horrific crimes when he brutally murdered 22 people in Nova Scotia. It was the deadliest attack ever witnessed by the eastern part of the country.

In September, a man left 11 people dead and 18 more injured in the midst of an indigenous community located in central part of the country.

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