(Video) During a live broadcast.. A Canadian news reporter Suffers scary medical emergency.

Canadian news reporter

A Canadian news reporter fainted while she was speaking live, during the broadcast, she was clearly tired

Speaking live on a CTV newscast , Jessica Robb looked very tired

And Rob began to repeat the same words with a clear change in her facial features, before she said, “I feel not well.”

Immediately the broadcast was interrupted with Rob, while the announcer said in the studio, that her colleague was not alone, and that she would certainly have medical support.

After several hours, the channel finally took to its official Twitter page and expressed their appreciation for all those who reached out to inquire about Rob’s wellbeing. They also confirmed that she was now recovered from her health crisis without disclosing what it entailed exactly.

For her part, Rob tweeted on “Twitter”, saying: “I am fine. I thank everyone who asked about me, especially the photographer who was by my side in this situation,” according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

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