After she posted an inappropriate photo… Cardi B asks Elon Musk to reinstate her banned account

Cardi B asks Elon Musk to reinstate her banned account

The famous rapper, Cardi B, asked the American billionaire, Elon Musk, to return her entire account on the Twitter platform, after it was banned, due to the publication of inappropriate content.

Cardi B’s account was subjected to a ” shadow-ban ” or “shaded ban” from those in charge of the “Twitter” platform for publishing an inappropriate image, in response to a video posted by R&B singer Janelle Monae, for her song ” Lipstick Lover “.

The “shade ban” will block the content of the account without informing the owner, who will be able to tweet without seeing one of his tweets or comments, and will remain invisible to other users.

Cardi B sent a message to the owner of “Twitter”, saying: “I was banned because I posted an inappropriate picture. Please return my account, Elon Musk, and I promise I will not do it again.”

Cardi B has 30 million followers on the Twitter platform, and the singer’s fame has increased in recent years after she won the Grammy Award for Best Album of 2018, the title of “Woman of the Year” for the year 2020 from the Music magazine “Billboard”.

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