There was a time when people with artistic temperaments struggled to make a decent income. Today, however, creative people can have high-flying careers with complementing salaries. Creating and designing careers are allowing creative people to embrace their imagination and start down a career path that is destined for success.

Creative people think outside the box, and traditional jobs will make them feel boxed in. Fortunately, many competitive industries have surfaced in and around Sydney to accommodate people with unique abilities. Here are five inspiring and rewarding career paths for creative people.

Make-Up Artist

Social media is full of make-up tutorials but a video never helped anyone contour perfectly. And, so we have make-up artists who command impressive wages by the hour. From events to theatre and performance arts and even celebrity contracts, make-up artists wield a lot of skill and magic through their brushes. A make-up artist does not necessarily need any degree qualification but courses in beauty therapy, cosmetology, stage make-up, etc. add a lot of professional value.

Landscape Architect

Are you at home with natural surroundings? A landscape architect envisions harmony in the natural look. They design outdoor spaces like gardens, parks, playgrounds, green roof and terraces, recreational areas, back and front yards. It’s an interesting career involving a lot of brainstorming with clients, material and cost estimations, analysing environment impacts and a whole lot of planning. Degree courses in landscape architecture and internships are a solid starting point.

Multimedia Artist or Animator

Visual artistry and creativity can be used to design images in the multimedia forum with much success. 2D and 3D art or animation requires a lot of imagination and finds takers in a wide field of advertising, marketing, game designing, etc. Requisite knowledge of software languages and programmes is a given in this constantly evolving career path.


A wood craftsman not just works in mass-produced furniture but also creates custom pieces like wine racks, vintage décor, and other specialty items. These days a woodworker combines computer-aided machinery with power and handheld tools to cut, chisel and shape three-dimensional creations from a piece of wood. The creativity as showcased in wood need to follow detailed specifications and requires proper skill training too.

Floral Designer

Do you understand flowers and the different emotions they invoke? A floral designer is a very creative person with artistic skills and an understanding of the language of flowers. A florist creates excellent combination of flowers and assorted greenery to match any occasion perfectly. A variety of events require floral designers or florists to design appropriate flower arrangements to elevate the setting. A floristry course in Sydney can equip your creativity with advanced organisational skills and start your career with flowers. These are just some of the aesthetically appealing career paths for those with a creative bent of mind. There are many other creative careers which can design your ambitions with professional and monetary success. However, remember to aid your creativity with the right qualification

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