People suffering from pain and inflammation turn to various powerful medications that relieve pain and discomfort. But what if next time you had pain, instead of taking Panadol you put CBD oil on the affected area?  CBD (Cannabidiol) is considered as the health industry’s hero as it instantly relieves pain and inflammation and has no psychoactive effects.

CBD has proven to be the turning point in the research for pain-relieving compounds. There was various research conducted in countries including the U.S which indicates that CBD has many applications in the health industry as a painkiller. Health Canal has made it easier for the buyers to get the right choice of CBD oil for the pain.

There are some well-known companies that are selling more than 50 varieties of marijuana seeds. According to research, more than 62% of cannabis buyers have successfully managed joint pain, chronic pain, and arthritis. In this post, we’ll have a look at some science-backed facts which will help understand the function of CBD for pain relief. You can visit the Official Site to know more about the CBD oil products.

Here’s what the science and studies say about CBD and pain relief

Cannabis has been used to treat chronic pain for a long time in many countries including Egypt, China, India, and Greece. However, before digging into the scientific facts regarding CBD and pain relief, one must understand what constitutes pain.

Pain is of different types; neuropathic pain is caused by damage to the nerves, acute pain is caused by damage to the tissues, and there are centralized pains too such as migraines and tension headaches. This is also a fact that different types of pain respond to the medication in a different way.

There have been a lot of studies done on animals that prove that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, but they haven’t been translated into humans. In 2007, an animal study claimed that oral CBD is a good treatment for neuropathic pain and inflammatory issues in rats.

According to science, cannabidiol reaches this effect by decreasing the level of inflammatory enzymes and messengers. It also inhibits oxidative stress and prevents free radical damage to the tissues. Similarly more studies in 2016 and 2018 on dogs and rats with osteoarthritis proved that CBD relieved the pain by reducing the local inflammation. 

According to science, the injured nerves or tissues send signals to the brain where the pain sensation is formed. The studies in animals have suggested that the CBD stimulates the body’s antinociceptive system which results in a decreased perception of pain. The CBD also interacts with the ‘anandamide’ which is a ‘feel-good’ compound, and this way the sensation of pain is relieved.

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How can cannabis be beneficial?

Pain-relieving drugs such as morphine, codeine, and Demerol are dangerous as they can cause unforeseen complications in most of the patients. Thus, it is imperative that you consider the proper administration of these drugs in the form of appropriate dosages. Also, these drugs are very expensive as they are controlled by large pharmaceutical companies. These drugs don’t help much in the long run and later become an addiction. The drugs cause temporary psychological relief and this way patients are compelled to consume more of them.

In such a situation, CBD has proven to be God’s gift as it has no addictive properties. It can be used in large quantities and doesn’t cause intoxication. Apart from all this, it can be organically grown and is very inexpensive too. CBD is also beneficial because it helps in managing depression and anxiety to a great extent. It can also be used to treat insomnia and mood swings in children and adults. CBD has also been found to interact with the neurotransmitter that improves social behavior and regulates mood.

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Bottom Line:

Though it is too early to consider CBD as the most effective method for pain relief, we can consider it as a good option because the data and studies available in this regard are quite encouraging. And since CBD consumption doesn’t cause any side effects, it can be a good idea to at least try it out and see whether it is effective or not. More research and studies are needed to find out the relation of CBD and pain relief, but science has also explained a lot. The medical experts still believe in the limitations of the studies done in this regard and they haven’t yet come to a conclusion regarding CBD and its effect on pain. Thus, CBD still has a long way to go and it is too early to term CBD as the best method for alleviating pain. However, if you want to know what science says in this regard, we have explained everything in detail above; and it is quite encouraging.