The field of technology is advancing miraculously. It is generating more data than it ever did before. Businesses connect everything to everyone, from people’s devices, machines, to applications worldwide and beyond. Now, data center teams have to work hard, but they can take a head start with the help of automation to scale and secure their respective infrastructures. And the CCIE Data Center Certification and Training by Cisco is the way to not only fulfill but maximize that potential.

What does CCIE Data Center Certification and Training aim for?

The CCIE Data Center Certification and Training aim to make the candidate a technical leader in the transient landscape of data centers. The certification boosts your skills in the complicated world of data center technologies. In addition, it will help you in planning, optimizing, and operating the data center technologies.

Is the CCIE Data Center Certification and Training recognized?

The CCIE Data Center Certification and Training are recognized worldwide. It is not only accredited but is respected everywhere. CCIE Data Center Certification and Training Is a banner that shows that you know what you are talking about; you have worked hard to reach this level.

How do you get a CCIE Data Center Certification?

To earn a CCIE Data Center Certification, you need to pass two exams. Which are as follows-

  • The qualifying exam: this exam is fundamental. It assesses your prior knowledge about data center infrastructures, including different concepts like computing and networking. Training for this course is available, known as the Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR). You can also take help from SPOTO 350-601 DCCOR dumps.
  • Lab exam: The second exam you need to take to earn a CCIE Data Center Certification is a hands-on lab exam. It includes designing and operating different data centers to check whether you own the skill set to be CCIE Data Center Certified. Also, check out SPOTO CCIE DC lab.

Benefits of CCIE Data Center Certification

CCIE Data Center Certification is highly beneficial. Some of the advantages are:-

  • With this certification, you will be a technical leader.
  • It will combine your skills of designing and technical expertise.
  • It will enhance your data center automation skills, which are essential in the world of today.
  • You will also be able to earn exclusive specialist certifications along the way.
  • You can place your certificate on your CV and get more recognition than your counterparts.
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